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Top Gear Magazine in the Netherlands is very interested in current stories surrounding Saab. They’re keen to support the company in an hour of need and in a gesture of goodwill, are offering free subscriptions to the Dutch Top Gear magazine to anyone who picks up a new Saab in Holland.

Nice work, gents. A small token that’s much appreciated.


This week’s must-read, from my personal point of view:

A report in the local Trollhattan newspaper, TTELA, (in Swedish) takes a look at events and reports about Saab in the last few days. I thought it represented things pretty well and I personally can’t wait to welcome Anders Carlsson back to the fold when things work out. His reasoned and honest approach was a welcome one to read.

There’s also a good quote in there about parts, for those who are interested.


If you’re after some more images from the 2011 Saab Owners Convention, Bob M’s album is available here.


I’ve been enjoying bits and pieces from the Saabfans weblog recently, which gathers some entertaining videos and tidbits from around the web.

The Sonett dyno video from SOC was fun.

As was this image of a car I wish I’d kept from my childhood. Is it just me, or did everyone have one of these? I used to adore this little model car before I ever knew what a Saab was.

Note: Photo originally taken by Tommi at

And seeing this matchbox car is seen around quite a bit, let’s add an impromptu poll:

[poll id=”9″]


Good reading for those who think Saab ought to be more like Apple (personally, I agree to some degree, but with the overriding belief that we have to redefine what makes Saab, Saab).

So if you really want to be like Apple, drop the fluff- filled vision statements and magical wishes. Pretend your company’s existence is at stake, coldly evaluate the environment, and make choices. Stop thinking of strategy as meaningless verbiage or financial goals and treat it as a serious design challenge.


The Saab 9-4x was on show in southern Sweden a few weeks ago and if you want an enthusiast’s eye view on how it looks, check out this Saab 9-4x gallery.


And our final story for today is the Saab-based custom car that’s currently for sale right here in Trollhattan.

The UNO-001 was the only example made from a sports car project back in the 1980s. The goal was to develop and produce a Swedish sports car but the project never got off the ground and UNO-001 passed through a few owners before current owner, Jörgen Scherdin, bought it in 2009 (for just 30,000SEK).

The UNO-001 used a tubeframe body with custom sheetmetal and a Saab engine mounted mid-vehicle for best balance. The car has now been restored and is being offered for sale for the cost of the restoration, around 155,000SEK.

More videos here.

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  1. Hello Tommi,

    My sincere apologies for not knowing where the matchbox photo originated (I found it in an image search, I think it may have been on another site that copied it from yours).  I’ve updated my post to reflect you and your site as the source and linked to you as well.

    Thank you for providing the correct ownership information and allowing me to share the photo on my blog, and always feel free to let me know if I’ve missed a proper source. I like to give credit for such things and appreciate corrections from readers.

    Thank you again, and thank you Swade for pointing this out to me.

    Steve in CT aka

    1. Hi Steve, no problems and keep up the good work with the site! And as we have already discussed by email you are more than welcome to re-post anything I might publish (as is anyone else as long as the use is non-commercial).