Timing of the reorganisation appeal

I hate to sound like a broken record, but I’m going to have to wheel out the mantra we used back when Saab was being sold in 2009/10.

Please observe the non-official spokesmodel to the right (original vendor here and thanks to Hugh for the reminder).

We know that some Saab-related stories seem to cause an almost hysterical reaction here in Sweden, but sometimes it really can be an over-reaction. Take yesterday’s stories about the timing of the bankruptcy filing, for example. It’s a piece of minutiae that gave papers something to report on, but it should have been little more than a minor note.

Here’s how it broke down.

Unions filed their bankruptcy request yesterday. Saab also filed their appeal yesterday, but we filed a little after the 1530 deadline to get it from Vanersborg to Gothenburg on the same day (the 1530 deadline became a story during the day). Swedish news services are now running a “which filing will win the race” theme, which is basically a non-story.

Saab’s appeal filing is expected to be resolved within days. The court first has to agree to hear the appeal. Assuming that happens, the law regarding reorganisation states that a resolution should be forthcoming immediately, which we can loosely expect to mean “as soon as possible”.

We have provided more detailed information that has to be considered, so it may take a little longer to read, but that detailed information should allow for a quicker and more clear-cut decision, too. Bottom line: it is reasonable to expect a resolution of our appeal within days of it being received (technically, it will be received tomorrow).

If left to run its course, the unions’ bankruptcy filing is expected to be resolved in several weeks from now.

Effectively, there is no race. If Saab’s appeal succeeds then wages should be paid under the government scheme and the unions would withdraw their action. If Saab’s appeal fails, then we’re up a very smelly waterway without adequate means of transportation – and plan D kicks in.

So, if you’re a Saab fan and you hear slightly high-pitched reports in the media, don’t panic. If someone you know starts talking about this supposed legal ‘race’, please direct them to the lady pictured above. Or just send them here.

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