2011 Viking Rally

The Dutch can lay claim to many things in this world. Historic explorers, seas of orange sports fans, Victor Muller, hash bars (no link between those last two, by the way) and something that might surprise a few of you: the world’s oldest Saab Car Club.

For the last 49 years, Saab Club Nederland has been running an event called the Viking Rally. I’ve been told that I’m going to be there next year for the 50th – and who am I to argue?!

The Viking Rally is a three stage event with all sorts of challenges along the way. As described to me by a friend of mine, Nic S:

There are all sorts of ways to navigate involved. Joep Wanders is the guy who designs and sets out the Tulip Rally, so it IS difficult! There are 3 legs or stages, with hidden time controls, the full rally works. Blind maps, arrows, driving close to a set border on a map, doctored maps, the whole deal….

Doctored maps? I hope it comes with a roadside help service (one that consists of something more substantial than just Nic’s puppy with a Garmin tied to his collar).

The rally is a very social event and the 2011 edition saw sixty teams competing, spread over three classes – Sport, Tour and Recreation. All entries were Saabs, of course, ranging from two-strokes to the new 9-5. Mud was sought, and found, and a good time was had by all.

We have a huge gallery of photos below, with thanks to Nic. Congratulations to the organisers and the club for what looks to be an outstanding event.

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  1. quote: ‘All entries were Saabs’. pity thing is, i don’t see any 9000’s…

    good pictures, though…

  2. It was loads of fun! I am the navigator for that 1963 96 Sport (two stroke) in white with blue stripes, called ‘Yke’. However the previous years it was completely during nighttime, from 7pm till 7am. Only true Vikings were able to survive the challenge! This year it was from noon till midnight. I really hope there’s more nightdriving next year. Would be nice to meet you there, Steven!