No NDRC decision today

Some internal news from Saab:

Many have highlighted October 14 as a possible date when the NDRC would take its decision regarding Saab’s planned business agreements with Pang Da and Youngman. For third parties it is not possible to know exactly when authorities like the NDRC will take their decisions.

The reason for October 14 spreading the way it has, is an early assumption made by Saab in court documents, based on general process information that Pang Da and Youngman received from the NDRC. The fact that we didn’t receive any decision from the NDRC today has no bearing on the decision process in its entirety and is not something from which we should draw any conclusions.

Pang Da and Youngman are very committed to making our partnership a success as proven by yesterday’s announcement regarding the first payments under our bridge financing agreement with Youngman.

In other words, Keep Calm and Carry On. We can’t control the timing of the NDRC process, we can only make best estimates of when their decision will come, which is what we did in our court documents.

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  1. The sun is shining in The Netherlands. So we Keep Calm and Carry On. 😉
    Please let us kno when the next sum of money is transfered. We need press releases to keep calm and not the speculations in the press. I hope your vacation was fine?

    1. Vacation was wonderful, thanks.  I’m not sure if there are plans to report every instalment received.  I doubt it, but you never know. The first was the crucial one.

  2. it’ll be excellent weather this weekend to take the top off, although it’s not a Saab…but i’m working on a re-badging process. i’ll re-badge my Nixxan 100NX into a Saab…tomorrow i’ll meet with some SaabForum-guys to take apart (sorry mates…) or reconstruct a few Saabs. great atmosphere, great people. always interesting to see how far people dare to go in keeping their Saab rolling (yes, i have 2 left hands…).

  3. Hi Steven,

    Good Hol’s, just the thing for re-generation…..!!

    The comment by Griffin71, actually gave me an idea.

    With all the 1000’s of Saab fans worldwide, we should arrange a print run [often locally to distribution] of millions of fliers [small adverts] & distribute them under every wiper blade in EVERY Car park in the world. 

    Something quite simply, like:

    >>>>>SAAB LOGO<<<<>This is really a SAAB<> OR SHOULD BE<>Dealer Details Here<<

    Great Cheap PR, what do you think??