Mitchell Saab 30th Annual Swedish Beauty Contest

It’s always great to see our dealerships conducting activities like these to bring their customers together.

Mitchell Saab are a long-standing Saab and Volvo dealership based in Simsbury, Connecticut – right in the heart of Saab country in the USA.

This weekend, they’re hosting their 30th Annual Swedish Beauty Contest. There will be a free Mini Detail and Service Clinic running at the event as well.

I was tipped off to the event by Steve F, who runs the Saabfans website, and he writes as follows:

We attended the event last year, and although smaller than some gatherings, it was attended by great Saab and Volvo drivers as well as the wonderful owners and staff at Mitchell.

Simsbury, Connecticut is a beautiful town, and we are approaching the time of year for excellent fall foliage viewing, so why not take a nice Fall drive in your favorite Saab or Volvo and head over to Mitchell for the 2011 Swedish Beauty Contest

It sounds like a wonderful setting and a great way to take in some beautiful scenery in a beautiful Saab. With winter coming on, it might one of your last chances to do so before the spring.

If you’re in the region, perhaps you should plan on calling in.

What: Mitchell Saab 30th Annual Swedish Beauty Contest
When: Saturday, October 15th
Where: Mitchell Saab, 348 Hopmeadow St, Simsbury, CT

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  1. Just misseed it… Would have been good to visit. I’ve just come back to the UK after a week of holiday (or vacation as you would say over there) driving around New England. There was quite a few SAAB out and about and my fiancee was pointing them all out to me.

    We were hoping to see the 9-4x out in the wild but in the end we had to find a dealership with one in stock to finally get a quick look at it. It was actually bigger sized in real life then I expected. I’m not the biggest fan of SUVs but the 9-4x have finally made me to actually consider having one. The real size did actually put me off a bit but I still can’t wait to get to testdrive one here in Europe. It’s going to be interesting to see if it still feels like a SAAB to drive.

    As mentioned in an article earlier I totally agree that SAABs tend to feel like… a SAAB to drive. Some people like it, (and some don’t I suppose). I still wonder if they have managed to get that feel in to such a big beast. That SAAB feel is something that I cant put my finger on what it is, but I know I really like it.

    After I had to get rid of my tuned 9000 Aero I was driving another brand for a while but after I test drove a 9-3 diesel I knew I had to get myself another SAAB again. On pure performance the small diesel was a completly different car to my old 9000 but I could still immediately feel it was a SAAB i was driving. In the end i ended up switching to a 9-3 Aero V6 Cab to fulfill my SAAB needs.

    Was soo missing my own car as the miles in the hire car were clocking up. It was not a SAAB, i could definitely feel that. Would have loved to go to the event as Connecticcut is a lovely part of the US and the fall foliage gives a beautifull backdrop to all the beautiful SAABs.