New York Times profile Saab Designer, Jason Castriota

We’re yet to see the full depth of Jason Castriota’s design work for Saab Automobile – a fact not lost in this NY Times profile of Saab’s current design chief.

This brief profile ends a little too quickly for my liking, but it’s a nice backgrounder for those who don’t know a lot about Jason’s career so far.

Right: Jason with PhoeniX at Chelsea Piers, in New York

The article traces his beginnings as an art student in the north-eastern US and follows his accelerated rise to prominence after leaving the US for jobs with Pininfarina and Bertone in Italy. There is a quite a lot of Saab-talk in the article, but given that his public work with Saab is confined so far to the PhoeniX concept car, there is more talk about the company than the vehicle, which is a little disappointing.

Like you, I’m very much looking forward to a time when they re-visit articles like this and have a lot more to talk about in terms of vehicles.

For now, though, this is a good article and it’s great for Saab and for Jason to be featured in the NY Times.

Recommended reading: New York Times profile Jason Castriota

Below: Jason working with a journalist at the 2011 New York International Auto Show

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  1. When I looked at my NY Times this morning at breakfast, I immediately saw there was a special “Cars” section of 12 pages. These special sections occur only a couple of times a year (although there’s always a Sunday automobile section with classified and dealer ads). These special sections typically have manufacturer’s ads and a six or eight usually pretty interesting stories on cars. So I sighed when I saw the section and thought; what a shame, there will be nothing about Saab within. But there was!!!! True, the article was entitled “A Vision for Saab, Perhaps too Late to Save it”, and was mostly about Jason and the PhoeniX, but the fact it was there at all announced that Saab was still hanging in there. Good placement, SCNA.