Saab Dealer Tour – Spain


With dealer tours now successfully completed in Germany, Austria and France (well, almost), it’s time to announce the dates for the Saab Dealer Tour España!

The Saab Dealer Tour of Spain will begin on November 25 and continue through until its conclusion in Madrid on December 17. See dates and locations below.

The tour will criss-cross the country with one group whilst another group will host corporate customers in Madrid and Barcelona. The Saab 9-4x and Saab 9-5 SportCombi will be available for both groups to view at all times, so no-one will miss either car.

The dates and locations are as follows:

  • 25-Nov – Gerona – Gerona- Scandiauto Gerona Event
  • 26-Nov – Barcelona – Barcelona- Masternou dealer Event
  • 28-Nov – Zaragoza – Zaragoza- Artal Motor dealer Event
  • 29-Nov – Vitoria – Vitoria-Lasacar Dealer Event
  • 30-Nov – Burgos – Burgos- Julián Auto Car dealer event
  • 1-Dec – León – León- Lesauto dealer event
  • 2-Dec – La Coruña – La Coruña-Dársena dealer event
  • 12-Dec – Almería – Almería-Indamotor dealer event
  • 13-Dec – Málaga – Málaga-Automóviles Nieto dealer event
  • 14-Dec – Palma de Mallorca – Palma de Mallorca-Iceasa Motor dealer event
  • 16-Dec – Madrid – Tuvisa Dealer Event
  • 17-Dec – Madrid – Tuvisa Dealer Event

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  1. 3 days in Madrid and one in Barcelona??
    Taking into account how many Saab I see in Barcelona every time I’m there, Madrid must be flooded with Saabs 😉

    Anyhow, it is good to see the tour in Spain.