Saabosphere – links we liked this week

There have been plenty of Saab stories doing the rounds in the last few days and despite the current climate surrounding the company, the overwhelming majority of them have made for some very pleasant reading.


I’ve got two Must Read stories for you this week.

The first is a quick writeup about Bud Clark on Car and Driver. US Saabers, especially those in California, may be familiar with Bud Clark. Sonett owners and enthusiasts will be familiar with the name, too. If you’re not familiar, consider this your chance to get acquainted.

Bud is one Saab person I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting personally yet. The first time I heard his name was in relation to his turbocharged Saab Sonett. Those last three words should give you an idea of the character and the Car and Driver article comes across wonderfully well.

You can see videos of Bud’s Sonett on Youtube. And if having a turbocharged Sonett isn’t cool enough already, it’s also fitted with Inca wheels, which looks absolutely perfect.


The second must read article is actually in Swedish, so you might have to get Google Translate working to read it.

This SvD article profiles an American Saab-owing couple, who recently travelled to Trollhattan on holiday and actually attended the Saabs United Octoberfest event on October 1. SvD sent a reporter to their home in New York to see some more of their collection and speak to them about their passion for the brand.

For me, there are two stories here. The first is the couple themselves, whose support for Saab is steadfast (they just bought a 9-4x to support the company and have nine other Saabs between them). The second is SvD sending a reporter to the US to get the story, which is a commendable commitment of funds for a Saab good-news story, from a newspaper that I’ve been fairly angry at from time to time.


The Local has a post that would make for some interesting debate in the future – What is a Swedish Car, anyway?

There is still a small amount of xenophobia floating around a potential Saab sale. And yet Saab haven’t been Swedish-owned for over 10 years. Volvo are in the same boat. And both are still considered as Swedish companies.

As I said, we’ll save this one for the future, but it’s an interesting thought piece.


What’s a 1992 Saab worth?

$150 a week to this particular owner, who is renting is Saab out to strangers as part of an experiment in Collaborative Consumption. He’s also renting out his guitar, an air mattress and his dog!

It’s not a Saab based article at all but still makes for some interesting and entertaining reading.


Spontaneous grass-roots support at it’s best. We’ve been watching this silently for a week now and done nothing to promote it, nor do we intend to, but it’s being talked about publicly now and as a Saab fan and enthusiast, I have to acknowledge it.

We have the best fans in the world. And the best behaved, I’m proud to say. Your support is appreciated, but the way you carry yourselves with dignity and respect is appreciated even more.

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  1. Steve about your last note about our behavior, would you expect anything less from us???  We are just expanding on Spykers motto, Nulla tenaci invia est via, and showing GM how much Saab means to us and that they need to see what they never could see, and that they need to let saab go!

    1. Stephen, I’ve seen all manner of things suggested in terms of support over the years.  Some of them would make your eyes pop.  But those are exceptions, not the norm.  So yes, I’d expect Saab people to maintain their dignity and behave appropriately and it’s wonderful to see (a that they’re expressing themselves, and b) that they’re doing it with the right amount of respect.