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Let’s start with a few internal links…….


The Saab dealer tour of Austria continues. Here’s the 9-4x in Klagenfurt/Carintha yesterday…..

The tour continues today at Auto Eisner, Autohaus Winter and Auto Ebner and then moves on to other venues every day this week, until Thursday. Click the image below for dates and venues.


I’m tracing details of proposed tours in other countries and will bring the dates to the front page as they come to hand.


If you haven’t seen them yet, we put together three mosaic images to celebrate reaching 100,000 fans on Facebook. They’re available for download, either in very large format or in a smaller format suitable for your computer desktop wallpaper.

Get the mosaics here. And this video shows you how we put it together.


One of the readers at the Saab World forum has posted a review of his Saab 9-4x XWD Premium. Mark V has had his 9-4x for around a month and he gives a very thorough review of the car, which is his fourth Saab.

I know people thought I was just being a company guy when I wrote about how good this vehicle is (part 1 and part 2). But I wasn’t, it really is an absolute cracker. And there’s no-one more qualified to tell you about than a guy who’s forked over his own hard-earned for one.

Recommended reading.


The Saab tour in Austria is coming hot on the heels of the dealer tour in Germany, which wrapped up recently.

Thomas K from attended one of the final meetings in Mainz, and reports a good turnout including quite a few owners of other brands attending.

Those of you from Germany who didn’t get to attend should check out and all of the tour visits that he made as part of the program.


From Chris C – his Saab 9-5 reaching 100,000 miles, whilst doing 100mph.

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  1. The 9-4X looks good in dark grey.  It actually looks good in any color and it would be nice to see it in a Chili Red.  Hopefully, the 9-4X doesn’t become a collectors item because of GM.

  2. Was the mosaic completely computer generated, or was there any human input regarding photo placement?  I would guess it was all computer generated simply because it would take too long for a human to do it.  

    1. All computer generated, Greg.  You place all of the images in a folder, point the software towards the folder, set the parameters (number of tiles across and down, frequency of use, etc) and it color matches images to the right spot for the mosaic image you’ve specified as the target.  As you could see in the video, the software rotates images through different spots to get what it considers is the optimal match.

  3. Regarding the debate around the nice panel of the showcar and the “too-cheap” panels of the production NG9-5, do you have pictures so that it is possible to compare them both?
    I have never understood this debate.

    1. Hans, I don’t have images readily available, but the Frankfurt show car from 2009 had a very nicely finished trim panel on the dash that looked fantastic.  Some thought the plain black in the production car to be a bit too plain in comparison.  The 2012 model should get some trim options that will satisfy those people.