Why the Saab dealer tours have been a great success

I received an email this morning from a Saab blogger in France named Remi. He runs a site called Saab Actu and he took part in the Paris leg of the Saab’s Tour de France last weekend.

It’s emails like this that give me such a boost as a Saab person, knowing that grass-roots efforts like the Dealer Tour are reaching people in a very personal way. One-to-one opportunities to see our new vehicles up close are very important at a time when support for our company is so crucial.

I get the chance to attend the event in Paris : it was fantastic! I have made a little video of the event

The video has some images from the Paris event, as well as a quick 9-4x test drive at the hands of a Porsche Cayenne owner, who comes away very impressed with the 9-4x……

Saab Actu, along with Saablog-in, is running a photo competition from the Tour….

I have received great photos from enthusiasts for our Photos Contest – from customers as well as from dealers.

This Tour has given everybody a good smile. The 9-4X seduced most people, even the “900 lovers”. I also had the chance to take a ride and this car is much more than a SUV. It reaches a premium top level on every point, really. And with a Saab design.

The people at Saab France are worth meeting. This tour has been a good outcome from the Saab financial issues. It has made us closer and given us unexpected occasion to meet skilled people who generally work behind the curtains. The Saab Team is like a family of car lovers, of Saab history builders.

Thanks a lot for this Saab Tour and whatever happens (the better way I want to imagine) I hope there is going to be another Saab Tour de France in 2012

And I guess that’s the big payoff here. The sense of camaraderie, the relationships that get built in tough times.

Of course, we all want those tough times to end and some good times to begin. We want to start to create some good Saab Family memories based on positive circumstances. Personally speaking, I’d love to do an Inside Saab tour around the world, bringing the cars and some of the stories from inside the gates to dealerships, clubs and fans all over the globe. I’d love to expand the Saab Family across all borders.

We need a few things to go our way before that can happen, but it’s good to see the Dealer Tour concept that started with the guys at Saab Germany catching on and spreading so well.

Congratulations to Saab France and the participating dealers for conducting such a wonderful set of events. And thanks very much to Remi for the feedback.



Some images from recent stops on the Tour de France….. from Limoges and the very picturesque La Rochelle.

Click to enlarge.

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  1. Great article as usual Swade!

    RedJ, I will put a link tonight for a reuploaded video without the (good) music on it (here Coldplay :”Paradise”. which forbid some countries to watch it)

        1. Superb!!

          When people that own a Cayene say that they will sell the Porsche and buy a 9-4x in 2012, I feel comfortable about the brand’s future.

          Here in Germany the Aero is a small car cheaper than the 300hp Cayenne,