2012 Australia Day ads for lamb

Every January the industry body promoting lamb in Australia produces an ad as part of their “eat lamb on Australia Day” campaign. Our national day is on January 26th.

The ads are fronted by a guy named Sam Kekovich, who started his public life as an Australian footballer and then had a media career as a sports commentator and verbose guest on a number of TV shows. One regular sketch involved Sam sitting at a desk like a politician and making outrageous statements about various areas of social policy, which is the theme that has carried through to these lamb ads.

Here are the ads for 2012 – yes, there are two of them this year. They’re getting just a little tired, but Sam as a rapper is a funny touch.

NOTE: I’ve just been informed these videos may not be visible outside Australia. Well, not in Canada, at least. Hopefully some of you can see them. If not, do a Youtube search on “Australia Day lamb ads” and hopefully they’ll come up somehow.

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  1. They’re available on YouTube. And they’re very funny. (I looked at a bunch of them.)

  2. Hey Swade, as here in Scotland we celebrate Burns night on the 25th I will hold up a glass of the good stuff for you down under. We eat haggis which is primarily made up of the bits of a sheep you would not normally eat mixed with oats, spices and the like (some say that is why we drink large amounts of whisky on Burns night!)

    Have a good Australia Day. Slainte!