Article by Swade in Auto Motor Sport

Auto Motor and Sport 2-2012

The February 2012 edition of Auto Motor and Sport (Sweden) has a special section on Saab, including one article penned by yours truly. You might enjoy it, you might not. Hopefully you do.

The February edition is arriving in subscribers’ mailboxes right now. Hopefully it will show up on news stands soon, as well.

I’ll seek to publish the original English version of the column in due course.

* forgive the third person headline. It’s an SEO thing

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  1. I just read your article in AMS, and I must say that it was as good as your articles always are! I agree with what write and especially like the ending, “it ain’t over till it’s over” (as I believe it was written in the original non-translated text). It felt a bit strange to read your article in Swedish, but it went perfectly fine. 😉