Alfa Romeo GTV6

Earlier this morning, waiting to get off the boat…..

For the sceptics out there, I’ve done around 1,000kms in this car since picking it up on Friday night. It hasn’t miss a beat. In fact, it’s only got more addictive. And everything works, even the original radio (though it sounds like crap).

And here’s me (and Charli) about 30 minutes after getting home. The boat was rockin and rollin just a little too much to get a decent night’s sleep. 300kms or so later, I was out.

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  1. Sweet!! The boat picture (and the couch one) reminds me of constant boat trips Finland-Sweden years ago… Can’t wait to see – hear! more of/about that Alfa…

  2. Looking past the GTV for a minute, check out that Kingswood on its right. Its even got the (rare) contrasting colour vinyl roof and give-away straight pipes of a V8. Not to mention the occupant in shorts & thongs (flip-flops). Pure Australian class.

    Glad you’re home safely Swade.

    1. AND it was a “Vacationer”. A friend’s parents had the Commodore “Vacationer” when I was a kid. I never knew they did that pack for the Kingswood before the Commodore came.

      He had a bit of trouble starting it and his progress wasn’t swift. I managed a stop for breakfast, another stop for some fresh air, and yet another stop for a power nap, and we arrived in Hobart at the same time.

      1. And thus, sadly a dinosaur on all levels when it comes to anything beyond a car show existence.

  3. That boat trip is the reason why I will fly from now on. When the Captain comes over the PA and says…we’re putting out the stabilizers….then I start reaching for the Kwells. And a beer or three. Spray from the waves was over the chimney stacks and I walked the decks all night.
    Pity, cos I really want to take the aero to Penguin and give it a decent run.

  4. Not having any experience with Alfas here in the U.S., I was not very familiar with them, but the more I see photos of your new car Swade…she is pretty sweet!