How to make a Ferrari look fat

Next to 99% of the automotive market, the Ferrari 599 is a svelte work of pure automotive pornography.

Put it next to a Koenigsegg Agera and a Pagani Zonda, however, and it looks like Mama Cass posing next to Twiggy.

I guess the upside for the Fezza is that next to the hypercars in this video, it does come across as being somewhere remotely close to cheap affordable.

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  1. The appeal of these cars is diminished by the fact that there isn’t a road within 1,000 km of me that’s smooth enough to drive them with any confidence.

    I guess you can do track days (or slow demo laps like in the video), but what’s the point? You can get a fun track car for 1-2% of the cost, and track days aren’t transportation! Cars are about freedom, not about being corralled in a facility with a dozen other mid-life crisis sufferers.

    1. True, these cars are neither affordable nor practical….but….they are sure fun to look at and the make wonderful exhaust notes to listen to. I would not want to own one (as there are are also no good places locally to drive one), but it sure would be fun to get a chance to drive one…at least once!