My own little piece of Saab Museum history

Kronofogden stickers - Saab Museum

The Saab Museum in Trollhattan is re-opening this weekend. Hurrah!!!

I figured it might be a good time to share this little story. My own bit of mischievous Saab Spirit in action….


I went back to Sweden in January. My main aim was to clean up my flat, sell my car, and most importantly, catch up with friends and former colleagues from Saab.

On my last day in Sweden, I spent some time at the Nova restaurant, next to the Saab museum, giving a presentation to some of the Saab workers who gather there each Friday morning. Peter Backstrom also presented at this meeting. It was pitched as a battle of the heavyweights 🙂

Between the meeting and getting my taxi to Landvetter airport, I spent a final hour or so at the Saab Museum. It was only a matter of days at that point, since the announcement that the Saab Museum had been saved thanks to a deal done between the City of Trollhattan, Saab AB and the Wallenburgs.

As a result, there were a few items at the museum that were no longer needed.

I’d already packed away my Saabs United Award trophy, which I wanted to bring home for a little while, but I couldn’t resist securing a few of these other small momentos to carry with me.

These are kept in my wallet. If you don’t recognise them, these are two of the stickers that Sweden’s state debt collectors, Kronofogden, placed on a few of the cars at the Saab Museum. Any car with a sticker on it was earmarked for liquidation in order to reclaim debts being managed by Kronofogden. As the museum was now secured, the stickers were no longer necessary.

One of them was liberated from the window of the Saab 9x Concept Car. I can’t remember the other one, but I think it might have been from a Saab Sonett III.

It’s just a little momento from my time at Saab and a reminder of all that went so horribly wrong back in 2011.

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  1. A: I hope the Saabs United Award finds it’s way back to the Museum some day. You earned it, but a lot more peole will come to learn of your efforts if it’s there to be seen. And I still hope someday more names can be added to it.

    B: If you ever decide to part with the debt sticker that came off a Sonett III, I know of one it can be put back on!

    1. I hope the entire Steve will find his way back, not only his awars. 🙂
      Back to an operating Saab.

  2. I was just thinking about those stickers and how incredibly nice it is to have them OFF our beautiful collection. Better to have them as “war mementos” — reminders of the battles we’ve fought. And in the case of the Museum, battles won.

  3. Here’s to life’s little victories, and to the eventual statue of you somewhere at the museum.
    The big question: wax, bronze or stone? =)

  4. What makes me really sad watching this vid is that GM concentrated on worthless macho army-looking trucks instead of putting the 9X Air concept on the streets.

  5. Still trying to wrap my head around liquidating the 9x. Who would want such a thing? I guess the answer would be ‘a collector’. I just can’t imagine that it would be of that much value even then. The value in the 9x is having it on public display.

    Good mementos to carry home. I’m certain that they will have negative connotation for some, but for you they will carry a different meaning.