I live a cowardly, quiet existence. Either that or I’m sane. Take your pick.

I hope this video amazes you as much as it amazed me. Take note of the final flight shot taken from the ground.

The video was sent to me by PT, my colleague here on the site. It not only confirms the quietness of my existence, but also that there’s so much about China that the average westerner is still to learn.

Absolutely stunning.

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  1. These are the dreams I have sometimes in the early morning so surreal.
    What well these flying suits look like in ten years.

  2. Amazing video. On one hand, tremendously exciting. On the other, very calming and soothing.

  3. I’ll vote sane….because a bad day of goofing around doesn’t mean you’ll end up a red smear on a rockwall….

    1. I have a red Alfa, remember, so the red smear on a wall is still possible on a bad day 🙂

      But thanks for the vote of confidence. I hope it’s a nice spring day there, today.

  4. Base jumping isn’t a mainstream thing for a reason, for sure.

    I remember being surprised at the Chinese military propaganda photos of Chinese soldiers scaling the rocky spires in a national park somewhere in the Southeastern quadrant of China when I was in the Air Force. A landscape that I’d never thought existed; very Dr. Seuss-like columns covered in moss and ivy making them green and rounded in appearance. Imagine my further surprise to later learn that there are several such rock formations in China, most without the green cover.

    China is a big country like the US, Canada, Russia and Australia. There are many details to which we are all naive.

  5. Interesting video. That (base jumping/body gliding/whatever it’s called) was amazing. So was the “Red Bull”-sponsored road. I wish the clip had more glimpses of “a day in the life of” the average citizen’s life, esp. the +800 million who are still outside of the major metropolitan areas.

  6. This still gives me chills, a week later. Am starting to rationalise proximity flying as a natural extension of bas-jumping as a natural extension of parachuting as a very reasonable thing to do with friends on the weekend…….

  7. WOW!! Truly amazing. Thanks for sharing Steven.

    Would simply LOVE to have my ’90 900 SPG, or my ’10 A5, on the roads in that video. Makes some of the roads I’ve driven in Northern Scotland look like “M” roads. 😉