(Sub-par) Alfa Romeo GTV6 engine sound video

I filmed this last Saturday.

It gives you some idea of the wonderful sound of the Alfa V6 engine, though the sound quality on this recording isn’t great, to be honest. I’d also like to replace the exhaust for a throatier aftermarket unit in time. It’s nice, but there’s room for improvement.

The video was recorded with my HD Hero2 camera. The cases on the new Hero cameras don’t have the best sound qualities. I’ll try and do another one with my Rode microphone into another source.

Anyway, limited as it is, hopefully this will give you an idea of the Alfa V6 sound.

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      1. True, it’s not. It’s a mate of mine back in Victoria (the guy who owns the 9000 I showed the other day – story to come).

        But yes, Andy, she thinks it’s “Ok” – which is about as much as I get out of her when it comes to cars. Only a 900 or a 911 will rate better than “OK”

  1. Nice sound.
    To be honest, I don’t know how my Saab sounds when revved up like this…
    simply because – thanks to the turbocharger – there’s no need to rev it up 😉

    1. They are a bit on the wee side. Then again, I’m a bit on the non-wee side, too.

      They’re not Saab seats, that’s for sure. They’re in great condition, though. I’m thinking of getting a racing seat for the driver’s side, for the dual benefit of better swade-holding in the corners, as well as preserving the original driver’s seat, which I’ll put back in for show-and-shine events.

      1. You are indeed on the non-wee side. Is the car wide enough to fit a racingseat suitable for your Aussie size without making modifications to the doorcards and midsection? No I’m not saying You are to wide mate 😉

  2. Nice ride. Swanky dash. Picking up a ’98 9000 next week. Also swanky dash.
    How far is it from one side of Tasmania to the other?
    Will you drive on the mainland? (if Australia is an island, can it have a mainland?)

  3. Glorious!

    Sounds like a racing car!

    Agree on the seat – maybe something with a Saab-like head restraint too!

  4. Wow, sounds great! Swade, I’d be careful messing around with the stock exhaust. I made the mistake of replacing the stock exhaust on the Viggen, thinking I can improve on an already great note. I failed miserably.

    Unless you’re absolutely sure it would be a worthy upgrade, leave stock…. The Alfa note in your video is very nice. Congrats!

  5. Abarth or a hand done mandrel bent stainlese duel 2.5 inch , or just wait till the present one rusts away , guess its up to money . I cant tell if it’s too loud . What do you want to do ? , your car =) , and a nice choise too , differant and it’s fun . Care for it well .

  6. broom broom very good typical Alfa sound ….. nice car …. and the V6 engine is very good

  7. All in all, this post is a good example of a boy and his toys… his Alfa and his camera. The car sounds great to my ears, so maybe switching to an aftermarket exhaust system is unnecessary. It looks like you’re right about the seat. Alfa probably didn’t have brawny Aussie bodies in mind when they designed it.

  8. Nice,
    mine never had standard exhaust when I got it, but it did have holes…

    CSC headers, straight through middle and either CSC, Stebro or ANSA rear seem to be the go and will get you that raspier note you seek. If you go down that path, it would be interesting to hear the car with the same camera in the same position for comparison. There are very few before and after comparisons around that I have found. I had old worn out PACE headers (complete with speed bump/road rash wear holes under each) and rusted original centre and a OK condition rear of unknown origin. Sounded glorious with the foot down and on the over run above 3k rpm but under that it sounded like a Russian tractor. I have the CSC headers now (ebspares.co.uk – great prices and fantastic turn around; 4 days delivery from the UK) and a custom centre with a couple of straight through hot dog resonators. Rear will be replaced – sometime…

    You have picked up a real gem – don’t hide it in the garage!

    1. CSC’s the one I’ve been considering Marty. Headers and tail section.

      How does yours sound now?

    1. Ansa seems pretty hard to come by now. They certainly don’t answer their emails.

      If you’ve got an Ansa source, please do let me know before I commit to a CSC.

  9. Hey there Swade … everything seems to have gone quiet on the Alfa front. What’s the latest instalment? I casually flicked through the ads on Carpoint and found another one like yours. The ad is in Tasmania and read ‘Reliable enthusiast’s car that wife says has to go. Performs brilliantly. Excellent condition.’ Looks identical to yours… maybe you need another one ‘his and hers’ pigeon-pair sort of thing. This looks like a good buy at under $10k
    http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/alfa-romeo-alfetta-1985-12299331?base=1216&vertical=Car&cr=4&eapi=2&__N=1246 1247 1252 1282 4294967249 4294967209 1216&silo=Stock&Range=Price:Min,Max~1&sort=default