Space Monkey celebrates Alfa registration

The Alfa GTV6 is now registered and road legal here in Tasmania. WooHoo!

Next challenge – to grind away a few centimetres from the top of our driveway to stop it scraping. The cutting wheel has been purchased. Now all we need is some time and some dry weather.

While we wait, here’s a space monkey sent aloft by Aussie band, Skipping Girl Vinegar (good band names appear to be getting harder to find). They’re not the first to gaffa tape a video camera to a weather balloon, but they’ve got some of the best results, I think.

Nice song, too.

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  1. I had one on the ’71 or ’72 Alfa Spider Veloce I owned in the late ’70’s. Mandatory!

  2. Re: band names — they have to Google and the result has to dominate the first page. Marketing 101. Now, I’d not have chosen ‘Skipping Girl Vinegar’, but to each his own.