Renault Alpine A110-50 confirms that RenaultSport is very, very interesting

I’ve mentioned my fondness for RenaultSport vehicles here in the past. I had a RS Megane on my tentative shopping list earlier this year and I’m quite sure that I’ll pick one up one day (when I have the garage space for a third vehicle – I don’t foresee myself selling either the Alfa GTV6 or the Subaru Brumby any time soon).

Renault recently showed a new ‘concept’ vehicle. I say ‘concept’ because unlike most concept cars, this one actually goes really, really fast. It’s stonkingly good looking, too. It’s the Renault Alpine A110-50, made to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Renault Alpine A110.

You can see both the original A110 and the new A110-50 in the following video:


This video (5 mins) is the A110-50 on its own, being thrown around in a more realistic manner on a more realistic track. The audio is quite amazing (and yes, I’ve heard a single car sound like a swarm of bees before, so it is indeed realistic).


The original A110, or Berlinette, made its debut at the 1962 Paris Motor Show and quickly made an impact on the French rally circuit. Its first win was at the Rallye des Lions in 1963 and the car enjoyed continued success through to the mid-1970’s.

Alpine was an independent skunkworks-style car company using Renault engines to power its vehicles. The two companies got closer and closer until Renault finally took over Alpine’s operations completely in 1973.

1973 was a red-letter year for Alpine, and not only because it became part of Renault. The same year saw the first FIA World Rally Championship take place and the inaugural winner of the manufacturer’s trophy was none other than Renault-Alpine, running A110’s fitted with an 1800cc engine (Saab came first and second in the Swedish rally that year – Blomqvist and Eklund – with an Alpine A110 in third place).

The new A110-50 is a hint at some of the technology that might come from RenaultSport in the future. RenaultSport is, in many ways, the new Alpine. They make some of the most wonderful hot hatches in the world based on Renault’s Formula 1 and Formula Renault racing experience.

It’s significant, too, that RenaultSport weave their magic in Alpine’s old workshops, in Dieppe.

The new A110-50 uses the racing version of the Megane Trophy V6 as a base and incorporates much of it’s technology, whilst adding a few tricks of its own. The engine is the same V6 from the Trophy racer, making 400hp and 422Nm of torque from it’s 3.5 litres displacement.

And just how finished is this concept?

It’s got fully functioning racing stuff in it, such as the custom designed racing steering wheel with display and integral pneumatic jacks built in to facilitate quick tyre changes. There’s carbon fibre everywhere and it’s not just for decoration. The whole body is made from it as well as air intakes, etc.

The Renault Alpine A110-50 is one hot momma and it’s indicative of the kind of stuff that RenaultSport can do. Their regular vehicles are steaming hot as it is, but it’s very interesting to get an insight like this, as to what they might be capable of bringing to the road in the future.

Speaking of their regular vehicles……… I plan to have this one in my garage in 5-8 years from now.

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  1. The Alpine sound track, in fact the whole thing, is stunning. Great micing of the engine note. Thanks for posting this Swade; easy to see why it made it to your blog.

  2. Nice looking car indeed! Very Very nice!!!
    …Unlike all other bland, generic Renaults (The Renault Sport versions just look strange in my eyes but know they have a die hard following)

    NEVS need to make the Sonett or even the Aero X happen!!! Saab is to small not to have a halo car. Limited editions ofcourse and Mega expensive.


  3. I took one more good look at the car and although it Is a very nice car, it’s still not a car that will leave a lasting impression in my book of top designs. The Koenigsegg CCXR is an even more explosive design, the Ferrari 250GTO a gem, the Porsche 911 timeless. Even our own Aero X a super sexy GT. The new Alpine-Very very cool. But there are other cars that are cool too… so does the new Alpine contribute with anything new and exciting to the world of cars? Not really IMHO.

    I could see this car as the one car to strive for in “Burnout Paradise” or as one of the racecars in “Forza Motorsport”. On the road? Not for me.


    1. If I’m ever in a position where I have to choose between my A110-50 and my CCXR then I’ll count myself quite fortunate for the dilemma…..

      I’d give it a run.

  4. Didn’t they make an electrical version of this car too? I saw some pictures of it in the Automotorsport magazine a year ago or so, and found it absolutely fantastic. “One hot momma” the french way! Thanks for the post, Swade. Enjoyed it.

  5. Now that Saab is dead, I’d love to see Renault re-enter the US market place. It will never happen but I just love those square head lamps. The front end looks fantastic.

  6. For the record, I never said that Renault wasn’t capable of being interesting (virtually any automaker is capable these days — look at Suzuki, for example). My beef with the Megane S was the whole ‘hot mini car’ genre as a daily driver. To me there are simply too many compromises with such a small car to be practical for everyday use. Track day car? Go for it.