50 shades of Audi

Sniff Petrol didn’t take this dig at the number of silver/grey Audis on the road, so I felt compelled to.

Ironically, Audi are quite happy with 50 Shades of Grey as the characters in the book Vorsprung their way down the road in – you guessed – Audis.

Grey ones, no doubt.


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  1. To be onest, gray was the most comon paint on saabs as well the latest 10 or so years. When we bought our 08 TTiD sc, there was 3 grays, 1 blue, 1 white, 1 black and 1 read to choose from. So, gray was the color! 😀
    I did some google earthing the other day and sweeped over the stallbacka oarking lots for new cars to deliver. I picked the year of 2008-2010. And there was some gray saabs waiting to get shiped.

    1. I actually went to the configurator last night and took screenshots of 50 Audis in different greys. I got half way through processing them and couldn’t be arsed. And this probably worked better anyway 🙂

  2. But doesn’t one of the characters change their car to a 9-3 from an A3 in the second book???

  3. Where I live in North East Scotland all Audis are white !! Those LED lights drive me mad.

  4. It must be an Oz thing, because here the most prevalent Audis are black, red or white due to the fact that Audi is one of those manufacturers still charging an extra$600-$1000 for other colors.

  5. Well…here in the US there are exactly 3-4 silver/gray colors available, depending on the model. Several different blues, a couple of reds, whites & blacks. Silver/Gray is in the minority here.

    As SAAB does not exist any more…and there is a very real possibility that the SAAB we all loved will NEVER exist again…and as it has not produced any new cars for a over a year…many SAAB owners have chosen Audi over other manufacturers.

    Don’t know why so many folks love to bash Audi owners…but many of those current Audi owners being made fun of, are former SAAB owners. There have been plenty of snide remarks made about SAAB owners over the decades as well. Having owned SAABs since 1978…I am well aware of that fact.

    And for the record…I own one Black 1990 900SPG, one Talladega Red 1990 900SPG, one Brilliant Black 2010 Audi A5, and one Moonlight Blue Metallic 2013 A4. Not a Gray car in sight.

    Come on now kids…let’s try to be a little less cheeky.

    1. The Audi A4 quattro turbo that I had as a company car was almost too good. That 6-speed dual-clutch automatic was spectacular.

      I would drive another Audi in a heartbeat.

  6. I made a post on another forum a year or two back saying that Saab only offered the 9-5 in grey. Unless you wanted red.

    Polar White – goes grey after 100 yards.
    Silver – Very light grey
    Steel Grey – It’s grey
    Smoke Beige – Pinkish grey
    Parchment Silver – Yellowy grey
    Fusion Blue – Bluey grey
    Black – Very dark grey
    Titan Grey – A different grey.
    Carbon Grey – Still Grey.


  7. Absolutely true, Saabs are also grey. In Germany, the majority is night grey, aka black, and silver grey. And they are black on the inside as well. I don’t want to fathom into what that might mean for the psychology of the average German Saab driver, but it certainly hampers my plans to buy a used 9-5 SportsCombi early next year (since by then, my 9-3 should have reached about 340,000 km, and I intend to pass it over to my 18 yr old daughter), since I don’t want black inside or outside. Frustrating.