CAR Magazine 50 best from 50 years includes Saab 99 Turbo

CAR Magazine is 50 years old and they’ve just done a special photo shoot featuring their best 50 cars of the last 50 years – including the Saab 99 Turbo.

My guess is that they’ve used Chris’ 99T for this photo shoot, the same black 99 Turbo that Jeremy Clarkson and James May fell in love with on Top Gear.

Fourth row, fifth from the left.

Also, please note that our American, French, German and English poll winners are nearly all present. The only one missing is the VW Beetle (how the Smart got in there when the Beetle couldn’t is beyond me).

In fact, I think the top two in each of our polls have made the grade (minus the Beetle). They would be:

  • America – Ford Mustang, Chevy Corvette
  • France – Citroen DS, Citroen 2CV
  • Britain – Jaguar E Type, Mini
  • Germany – Beetle (missing), Porsche 911

It seems we’re doing pretty well with our assessments.

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  1. I’m assuming it’s because the Beetle pre-dates the 50 year timeframe? Great to see the turbo included.

  2. As Belfast_saab mentioned, the Beetle is much older than Car magazine. It was also arguably obsolete by 1962. I’m not sure how a 2CV made it in. Perhaps the RHD version came out in the 1960s.
    The Smart is definitely an important car, especially if you live in a large European city.

  3. Although I do not care for its driving characteristics at all, I guess one could say the Smart car is “important” as Bernard mentions for city residents. When I was in Zurich and Berlin three years ago I was amazed at how many Smart cars I saw parked in every available small space they could fit. I always smiled when I saw a Smart car parked nose-first against the curb between two BMWs parallel parked against the curb!

    While I would never own one, I can see the usefulness of the Smart.