Italian beauty at Salamanca Place, Hobart

Today was the day for Club Motori Italia to show off their beautiful Italian cars on the lawns of Parliament House here in Hobart. Saturday morning is always busy here, with the parliament laws being just next door to the bustling Salamanca Market. There were plenty of people around – both tourists and locals – and they all got a good eyefull of some magnificent Italian design.

Sadly, I didn’t have my car in the show as I’ve been having some problems with a fuel hose, which I only fixed early this afternoon. I did manage to pop in for a peek, however, and the cars were absolutely shining! Kudos to the club for putting on another wonderful exhibition.

Who knew we had two Lamborghini Urracos here in tiny little Hobart?!?!

Click to enlarge.

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  1. The GTV looks fabulous and a pity you didn’t make it with yours. The window silhouette is ‘taken’ almost directly from the Urraco. What a stunning car! How come there are so many exotics in The Apple Isle then?

    1. I’m always amazed when I attend shows here, just how many nice cars must be hiding away in sheds around the state.

      But that’s not peculiar to Tasmania. There’s be a LOT more amazing stuff tucked away on the mainland, I suspect.

    2. I still get amazed about the massive number of classic American iron all over Sweden. Every summer there a car shows – big and small – all around the country, and it is just incredible to se the amount of work put that goes into those older cars and the dedication the owners have about their favourite brand or model.

  2. Ghibli: Always a favorite. Could make my all-time top 10 best-looking cars. I’ve never understood why Maserati seems to take a back seat to Ferrari and Lambo when it comes to photography and design showcases. Performance, maybe. Design: never.

    Not enough Lancias! Work on that.

    1. That you, Alex?

      Yeah, I’ll get an Alfa in that show some time. I intended to have it there on Saturday but just didn’t get around to fixing that fuel hose. Had it out for a good run on Sunday, though.

      What’s your Alfa status at the moment? And the Viggen?