Movie short: Quantum of Solace

I didn’t enjoy Quantum of Solace when I first saw it at the cinema a few years ago. I thought it was a dud.

Last night, Casino Royale was shown on the television here in Australia. Tonight I followed that with Quantum of Solace as a prelude to seeing Skyfall in a few weeks time (it doesn’t open here until November 22).

It was a lot better than I remember. I think the key was watching it straight after Casino Royale. One follows the other. Casino stands well as a movie on it’s own. IMHO, Quantum doesn’t. But watched together, the second one finally works.

Just had to write this down lest I forget in a few years from now.


Here’s the opening car chase. Those Alfas die well.

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  1. I agree with you, Swade! In fact, before walking into the movie (Skyfall opened in the states on November 10), I struggled to remember the name of the last Bond…what was it….wasn’t Casino Royale….

    Yup, Quantum of Solace was a dud. I suppose they tried to bring out the more human side of Bond, but the revenge theme just seemed flat to me. Then again, perhaps I should watch Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, back to back.

    Good news- Skyfall stands on its own. I don’t want to ruin anything here, but it is one amazing, fast paced, and suspenseful film. From Turkey to Singapore to London to the vast reaches of Scotland, the movie just moves. They also give you a few hints about Bond’s past- not many, but a few- so you get a little more insight into what makes him tick. The plot is quite plausible in real life (I think), and that is a little frightening. But it is a very solid, fulfilling chapter in Bond history.

    And I think you will like the featured car, too.

    It’s a long way of saying, run, don’t walk to see “Skyfall.”

    The best part? James Bond WILL return- of course!

    footnote- seeing this movie was a fabulous escape from my post election blues. That says ALOT about this movie :).

    1. I agree. “Quantum” follows “Casino” a little too close. I also have watched it right after Casino as a “warm-up” to Skyfall, and suddenly it is not that bad at all. Quite good actually.
      But Casino and Skyfall are both a lot better. Both are among the very best Bond-movies, actually. I think.
      Skyfall has some…”moments” that you will really, really enjoy. I won’t say anymore. Nobody must be allowed to spoil the fun you will have. 🙂

  2. Continuity is wrong in this opening sequence – it unsettles me whenever I see it. The tunnel with spaced out arched openings when viewed from the sea quickly becomes something quite different – it is an open sided tunnel when shot from the inside.

  3. Swade – I just saw Skyfall on Friday night and it was much better than both previous movies. It pays great homage to Bond since it’s the 50th anniversary and the general storyline and acting is top notch. You’ll definitely enjoy it.

  4. Yes, QoS was never intended to stand on its own…I don’t think. It is essentially part 2 of Casino Royale.

  5. Coincidence… I saw this movie Saturday. I think it was the third time. A little bit better this time, although the product placement by Ford must be one of the worst ever. The tempo is too high for me to get that Bond feeling. The production just jumps from one action scene to the other. Bond never gets to work the case or gets know the villains or work the ladies, etc. Being a Bond fanatic, I have probably seen the first 16 movies a least 10 times each. Golden Eye and forward, not so. Something is missing. Or maybe I’m just getting old. My all-time favorites are Thunderball & For Your Eyes Only. From Russia With Love & The Spy Who Loved Me – also very good movies. I think Timothy Dalton was on to something, but the really bad female actors in those two movies just ruins it for me. Worst movie ever: Die Another Day & Diamonds are Forever & Monnraker. Rule of thumb: Every time Bond visit continental USA, the quality just goes down the drain (airport scene in Casino Royal is a prime example of that).

  6. I started a personal challenge to read each book then watch the movie in sequence of book publishing order. After a while I tired of the formulaic structure of each novel, and I was well and truly over reading about one-dimensional, thick women who existed only to be rescued, looked at, and have stuff explained to. So unfortunately I didn’t bother getting to the end of my challenge…perhaps i will pick up from where I left off again some day. One interesting discovery was that Moonraker was one of the better books, but the film was the worst, and the most UNLIKE the book. The whole story line was completely changed, the only elements that remained true to the novel were the names of the characters.
    I reckon Daniel Craig is the best Bond since Connery. I loved the Brosnan era, he and Dalton resurrected it for me as the Roger Moore era was too slap-stick (the villain’s henchmen were straight out of Laurel and Hardy…in cartoon form Bond was the Road Runner and the baddies were Wiley Koyote). Living Daylights was one of my favourite Brosnan flicks…loved the ice-skating car fight, the face switching, and the ancient fight-form of fencing.

  7. Bond movies can never really be ‘bad’ as such. Sure, a bit cheesy, corny, camp, whatever….Who watches them for the plot? Watching that Renault 5 Turbo blast about the tight streets for even 30 seconds was well worth sitting through Dalton/Brosnan/Connery….I forget exactly who…
    Q once said …Things’ve been awfully dull ’round here. I hope we’re going to see some gratuitous sex and violence in this one!
    ‘Nuff Said.

  8. I felt exactly the same regarding QOS. When seeing it in the cinema I was disappointed, but after seeing it again a while later, it left a much better impression. QOS is a clear follow-up to Casino Royale, it just doesn’t deliver in the same way.

    Hope you enjoy Skyfall. I enjoyed it, as I would a typical Saturday evening matinee. Just don’t pay too much attention to the scenario, because it doesn’t really survive any close scrutiny.

  9. I saw Skyfall two weeks ago when it came out in the UK. It is fabulous.

    It is tempting to think of Skyfall as being even better than Casino Royale, but I think time well tell that they are very evenly matched. Two of the best ever Bond films and certainly on a par with the first three classic Connery movies.

    As regards QoS, I completely agree with the view that this film is much better than many people would have you believe. It doesn’t stand on its own, which is a major problem if you haven’t seen CR. But if you view it as CR part two, then absolutely it delivers. The story and character development is not as good as either CR or Skyfall, but it is much, much, much better than most of the other Bonds. I would rather have a good film with a bad title track (QoS) than the other way around (A View to a Kill, Live and let Die, etc).

    CR will forever remain a classic for A) being a great film and B) reminding us why we fell in love with Bond in the first place.

    Skyfall just picks up the baton and runs with it. Pure magic.

    1. The world’s a wonderful place because we’re all so different, isn’t it? This is a classic case.

      Bad title track? Another Way to Die is, by far, my favourite Bond theme song of all time. It’s still on high rotation on my iPod as part of my “Gym” play list. It gave me shivers the first time I heard it in the cinema and I’m not a Jack White fan at all (it’s still the only song of his on my iPod).

      1. Ironically, I think Jack White is great! And I am quite fond of some Alicia Keys. On paper it should have been awesome…

        OK, I’ve just had an idea:

        Another Way To Die suffers from the same problem as QoS the film. Expectations were raised so high by CR, and then raised further musically by the announcement of a heaven-sent collaboration between two interesting musicians, that both were bound to disappoint.

        In truth, Another Way To Die, certainly as a standalone piece of music, is better than many other Bond title tracks.

        And I am a raving fool to have suggested otherwise.