Sandy’s salty storm surge sinks Saab SUV

You’ve probably already heard about Hurricane Sandy’s most famous automotive victims – a bunch of Fiskers that caught fire after one of them short-circuited. That was the headline story. The sad fact is that estimates say approximately 250,000 cars may have been wiped out by Sandy.

Inundated. Washed away. Crushed. Whatever.

I heard a sad story last week, especially sad for a Saab fan, about the loss during Hurricane Sandy of one of the few 9-4x’s ever made. I checked in with a friend from Saab North America and found that there were only 467 Saab 9-4x’s made for the 2011 model year. The 9-4x is one rare bird. Now, in the post-Sandy world, there’s at least one less.

ADDED NOTE: I neglected to mention that this 9-4x is #58 of those 467 built. Not just a rare bird, but an early bird, too.

A friend in the US who works in the motoring press – a Saab fan, naturally – ended up with a 9-4x in his extended family when his Uncle and Aunt bought one. They weren’t Saab owners prior to the 9-4x, but they’d heard plenty about them thanks to the other Saab-owning members of the family. When it came time for them to buy a new car in February this year they were keen on the idea of an SUV. They tried the 9-4x and the Saab-apocalypse price made the deal irresistible.

They bought this Zodiac Black 9-4x for $27.5K plus a $700 shipping charge (the vehicle had to come cross country from Minnesota). They bought a six-year warranty through their dealer, bringing the total cost to $30K. Even with that warranty charge, it was a great deal. The MSRP was more than $38K new, with the car fitted with XWD, power package and full leather. It was a Saab ‘evaluation’ car with 3000 miles on the odometer.

Now, with just 12,000 miles on the clock, their 9-4x was claimed by Hurricane Sandy. Salt water inundated the car and it was declared a total loss late last week.

A very sad ending for one rare example of a model that never got the chance it deserved.

With the extended family….

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  1. That’s not good news. My heart goes out to them.

    A co-worker of mine living on Long Island quite literally had to chain his company-owned Dodge Charger to his fence to keep it from floating away. Naturally, it doesn’t run and is a total loss.

    The current estimate is that Sandy will bump up demand for used cars enough to increase the average selling price about $300 on average in a country of around 250 million vehicles. That’s a pretty significant bite.

  2. Hmmm! 9-4x… sounds like an ideal car for a coast-to-coast american adventure!

    Shame about the car, glad the folks are alive to mourn it’s passing.

  3. It sounds to me like he should keep it, buy another, then he will have one perfect 9-4x, and won’t have to worry about where to get replacement parts!

    It is sad to see a pretty cool car get eaten by the ocean though… I hope the SPG is OK…