Potential road trip cars – Totally nuts Ford Mustang Mach 1

I’m currently going through Ebay and Hemmings like I’ve got some sort of disease.

The great thing about ads in 2012 is some of the more thorough ones have video embedded. I’ve always advocated taking excellent photos when you want to sell a car and it would seem good video might be the next extension of this.

OK, so we’re not going to travel the US in a Mustang that would make Mad Max look like Gomer Pyle. But the thought is a nice one and the sound – should you ever really open it up – would be incredible.

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  1. Oh please, do it in the Mach 1! America is full of spare parts for it and you would be doing it in an American icon… What else need to be said… 🙂

    1. Am considering such a vehicle, Thomas. The main question is old-vs-not-so-old and the changes in efficiency, safety and tech that might have a big impact on the journey.

      That said, our plans might have changed in the last few days in a way that makes a car like this more viable. More to come on that later.

      The other factor at play is that I’ve always wanted to own/drive a car from the year I was born (1970). A mach 1 would do just fine. And yes, there’s the ‘America’ thing. The cars I’m looking at most aren’t American, but it just doesn’t seem right.

  2. Too bad the best part of that Mustang is gone — the 351 Cleveland is a rock & roll v8. They rev like stink, and sound way better than that big old 460 lump. Better yet, just get a Pantera – it’s already got a cleveland.
    1970 was almost the peak of american muscle, I had a ’70 Z/28 that was really scary fast and way too much fun. But to drive it across country? no way, 12 mpg maybe and way too crude.
    Just bought a ’64 f100 4wd truck — it’s a real american chunk of iron.

  3. It is easier for you to get a good car from the year you were born than for me. Cars from 1970 are a lot more “car” than cars from 1961, which is my year. Most cars from the early 60’s are not as easy to live with as the later ones. A LOT happened with cars in those few years.
    But I do own a car from 1961, though. A Saab 96 “deLuxe”, but it needs some restoration before I can drive it again. 🙂

  4. If you want the full American experience, you should consider running a Trans Am, while your wife follows you in a cabover Pete hauling cargo that’s illegal east of the Mississippi.

    Here are some American car links that you will find interesting (meaning that they will consume most of your free time).

    bringatrailer.com – interesting used cars every day, along with commenters who know them inside and out
    carlustblog.com – compelling odes to everyday cars
    ateupwithmotor.com – well-researched and detailed model histories. I think that all of your iconic cars had full write-ups there.

    1. One of my favourite movies, for sure.

      Bringatrailer’s already on my feed. Will have to check out the others, though. Thanks for the tips, Bernard.

  5. Semi-tongue in cheek — have you considered going the Wayne’s World route, with an AMC Pacer? 🙂

    I might also suggest a mid-70’s El Dorado or Impala convertible, but that might violate your anti-GM/anti-Cadillac guidelines.

    1. Hey Greg.

      The no-GM policy is shifting slightly as I continue to shop. GM brands that no longer exist are being considered, opening up access to Oldsmobile and the wonderful screaming chicken. The Corvette’s also exempt, mainly because it’s always been the one part of GM that didn’t suck. There will be no Cadillacs, however.