Video: Sonabusa rides!

Saab Sonabusa

I spent 40 minutes on the phone with NEVS last night and am busy typing up the results at the moment. In the meantime…….

The most interesting car in the world for me right now is nearly complete. The Sonabusa – a Saab Sonett III mated to a Suzuki Hayabusa engine and modified to rear-wheel-drive – is the work of Albany Speed Shop in the US.

Darryl got the Sonabusa out for a quick drive today and the good news for us: he took a camera with him 🙂

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. But, I guess the big news is that NEVS finally opened up and talked to you. I couldn’t fathom why they ignored you for so long.

    1. I’m not surprised that I’m not a priority, Ted. The readership here’s pretty small and I’m a guy tied closely to another era. I am surprised, however, at email that was initially ignored. That was a faux pas for any PR effort.

      Water under the bridge now.

  2. ZOMG Sonabusa sounds epic.

    My trip to sweden for Oktoberfest resulted in my hotel room at hotel scania right beside Mattias one of the big rigs at NEVS. On our elevator ride up he asked why I came to the event (coming from all the way to the USA) he knows they are fans and keeping in touch with those fans is by far the best publicity they can get.

  3. Certainly interested to see what they had to say to you Swade,I ve got a feeling your readership is about to increase.

  4. Mmm…the name ‘Hayabonett’ could have been more amusing. Sounds great though and I’m also looking forward to your NEVS piece.

    Keep up the great work Swade 🙂