Step right up! Your giant Mercedes ute is now ready!

Mercedes Benz have released a new, giant-sized utility vehicle for the world market.

The first man to take ownership is circus ringmaster, Waxmo Starsh, pictured below (sans top-hat and tails) alongside a statue of Pope Benedict XVI.

“This ute is perfect. The clear canopy over the rear tray means I know exactly where my tools are, or what rubbish I’m taking to the tip. There’s plenty of room. As you can see, I’ve already loaded a very large chair in there to take to the dump and it still looks basically empty. I was thinking about offloading this statue, too, but he can stay in the garden a little longer. The pigeons like him.

I reckon I could fit two, maybe even three lions in there and drive around the Big Top scaring the kiddies. This is going to be so much fun!”

With apologies in advance to Sniff Petrol

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  1. I can see a market for this for folks in the Tropical Fish business. What better way to display your merchandise? And maybe a deal could be worked out between the guy in the white dress and some aquarium. I mean hey…he is already involved with loaves. Perfect match. 🙂