Gallery: Saab PhoeniX Concept pictures

Mrs Swade and I are playing tourguide this week to some friendly Canadians so new postings here will be sporadic at best. I thought a little visual fun might be in order.

I’ve dug out these images from Geneva 2011, the first appearance of Jason Castriota’s Saab PhoeniX Concept Car. It caused quite a split of opinion at the time but most people I know came around and gave it varying degrees of warmth – from lukewarm to love.

I ended up loving it, but then I had the good fortune to see it in person, sit in it and see it on the street. You have to see these cars in person and seeing out of an auto show environment is even better.

I’ve included some darker images here on purpose. The special liquid metal paint finish really shows up its contours in the darker shots.

Click to enlarge and enjoy. Thought in comments, of course. It’s great to see the young lady at her absolute best once again (as opposed to her damaged state some months later).

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  1. Those have been two great days in my life. Not only, but also because of the PhoeniX.
    I felt in love with that car!! And I think a PhoeniX convertible would be a great car.

  2. Not as timelessly pretty as Aero X but still utterly beautiful and exciting. So sad looking back at what could have been……..

    Would make a great car to replace the DeLorean if ever Back To the Future was to be remade!

  3. I like it better than the new Corvette , but thats apples to oranges , very differant cars .
    A side note Dave at Just SAAB in Cinncy. Ohio passed away last thursday
    he was a supporter of SAAB for years , he and his wife Robin have been a solid
    Dealer for at leist 30 years , honest good people .

  4. I’m sure the 9-3/900 production model of this would have been a gorgeous car. Bold but still understated where it matters i imagine.

  5. At IMG_4261 its spooky how much it’s profile looks like the ursaab. Its most obvious if looking at the small thumbnail. Car design is all about how light hits a surface and the world just lost one of the few who thought this was more important than twisting Audi fronts and beemer rears to something “unique”. It’s beyond sad.