Gallery: My garage

Part 2 of 2 in the “can’t get much PC-time this week so I’m posting lame-ass galleries series”

A short retrospective of the cars that I’ve owned since I started writing about Saab and cars in general, back in 2005.

If I were to pick three favourites, they’d be (in order of preference):

  • Saab 9-3 Viggen
  • Alfa Romeo 33 16V (my first one)
  • Saab 900 LPT (the red one I owned in Sweden)

It’s almost time to add to this gallery once again…..

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  1. Steven, that one shot of the blue Viggen is gorgeous! I can see why that was its finest photo.

    I always did like the cosmic blue Viggen. Back when I bought my 2000 9-3, I wished I could have afforded the Viggen, but the base 9-3 was most expensive car I had ever bought. I have loved owning it for 13 years now, but the Viggen sure would have been nice.

  2. A great selection that you’ve owned over the last decade or so Swade. FWIW, my personal favourites are the silver 900 and the yellow 93 (I should have bought that one from you).

  3. Not anything in there to embarrass or regret.

    Mine, on the other hand, were I to post it, would be chockablock with questionable choices.

  4. Steven:

    I’m curious as to your own impressions of the 900 Aero 16V, what we here in the States know as the SPG. An OG900 is on my wish list (more likely Fantasy Garage) along with either a 95 or 96 V4. I’ve never driven an SPG and, while there always seem to be plenty of them for sale on TSN classifieds, they are rarely seen around my area. Your thoughts?

  5. Swade,

    Where’s the Subaru?

    You’ve had European and Japanese cars. Are you going to look at American, Korean, or Australian cars next?

  6. Your Viggen looked nice Steven. I’m glad it survived to get a new lease of life. The Monte looked good too. Speaking of Montes, I’ve had mine for five and a half years now. It’s been very good except for the expensive firewall/bulkhead repairs carried out last year. Also annoying (and somewhat dangerous) was a persistent intermittent ignition problem that finally turned out to be a dry solder joint in a DI cassette. A BSR Stage 1 kit has since made the Monte a lot more fun too.

  7. I may be speaking out of turn here (correct me Swade) but the Viggen photo could have been taken by one of Swade’s two photographically gifted mates: Stu or Richo. Swade?

    1. You are absolutely right, Pete. It was Stu the Lens Genius.

      It’s actually two photos combined. He took the first one exposing for the background and the second one exposing for the car. It was later in the day and we couldn’t get good exposure for both at the same time.

      Combined the two with a little bit of PS magic, and voila!