Inside Koenigsegg – Triplex Suspension

It’s time for the second instalment in the Inside Koenigsegg series and this week, Christian takes us through Koenigsegg’s Triplex suspension setup.

It’s this level of detailed thinking and innovation that makes Koenigsegg such an outstanding little car company to me. There isn’t a single component on the car that is too minor to optimise and it’s all done in-house by a tiny team of dedicated professionals.

In this episode you’ll learn how the Agera’s unique Triplex suspension system works and why Koenigsegg developed it. Talking about comfort in a car with such extreme raw performance may sound like a misnomer, but I’ve driven a CCX myself and I can tell you it’s a very comfortable car to drive (and that’s without Triplex). You could easily use it on a day to day basis if the prospect of someone damaging it wasn’t so scary.

This series is turning out to be a milestone in educating people as to what goes on at the pointy end of vehicle design and development. I hope you all enjoy the insight.


You can see episode One of the Inside Koenigsegg Series here.

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  1. Just awesome Christian!

    Thanks again for the use of your lovely wife Halldora´s 9-3 Cabrio 2,8t at my wedding in 2010. Always in my heart from then forwards.

    Now… Lets talk shop… I´m since that awesome day in 2010 a slightly disabled man because of MS but ofcourse still have the need to drive.
    Every means that can be taken to entering/exititing ones favourite car is worth investigating.
    I will probably never ever be in the position of driving, yet owning a Koenigsegg Hyper car But Seating with strong support, safety and ease of access is of utter importance and the segments we now have sen here on Swadeology have given me food for thought.
    Carbon fibre is the ultimate way in weight reduction and ridgidity and would ofcourse make for safe secure seatings. The second segment regarding pivoting and damping gave me the idea of a combination. Pivoting to be able to sway the seat ot of the car enabeling ease of access and Damping on rough surfaces in the seating itself another that would do a world of good for us that have chronic diseaserelated pains. A seat that would never transplant the surface roughness into the spine bilateraly or lateraly. Ortopedic chairs are ofcourse a way of obtaining tha right kind of support But the seats are heavy and like a wheel of a car one always strive to have the lowest posible unladden weight to be able to keep the wheel planted for traction. the same ought to go for a seat. Do you get where I´m going with this?


  2. Another very interesting video.

    I would have happily seen some animations of how the Triplex distributes forces in any given situation, just to illustrate things further.

    CvK’s geeky knowledge and enthusiasm, his Steve Jobs qualities if you will, are at least as interesting as the technology itself (which is beautiful). He lives and breathes this stuff, he believes in it, he knows it’s the best but doesn’t put that over with empty corporate BS rhetoric, and all in all is a nice communicator.

    It’s like K-Segg have become everything Saab once was, and more … just alas only for very rich executive playboys and not for people who have higher priorities in life than wallpapering their rooms with money. This makes K-Segg very Swedish and yet very un-Swedish!

    So for the other 99.9% of us, just imagine this technology in a future 9-3 Aero or Sonett. Bye, bye, wheelspin and torque steer. And no more going from one extreme (NG900 – handling qualities of a pile of wet mattresses) to another (9-3SS 2003-07 handling qualities of a boneshaking go-kart, albeit a damn good one).

    If NEVS do make it out of the pits, given K-Segg’s affection for Saab, maybe a little Chinese-accented Swedish love-in might one day emerge. Fingers crossed.

    PS – Why do all such car videos have a futuristic porno soundtrack? It’s so unpleasant. And, hey, I actually LIKE Vangelis!