Classics By The Beach Car Show – March 2013

So many times I’ve wandered the automotive internets, seen those Cars n Coffee gatherings and thought to myself “why can’t we have a casual car show here in Hobart?” It turns out we DO have such a gathering and it’s called Classics By The Beach, held on the first Sunday of every month.

This morning I took the Alfa for a quick wash and headed on down to Lower Sandy Bay for the show. I was told to be there for a 10am start but despite pulling in at 9:30, there wasn’t a vacant spot in sight. It was a beautiful day in Hobart today so all the classic owners got their cars out nice and early – and what a feast for the eyes it was, too.

Ask your average Aussie what a classic car show looks like and they’ll tell you Ford Falcons and Holden Monaros. None of that local stuff here (well, not much). This was a collection of absolutely amazing cars with the vast majority of them coming from Europe. There were several Jaguars, Rolls Royces, Minis, even a Lamborghini, a Maserati, a very special 1958 Alfa Romeo and a Porsche Spyder.

The calibre of vehicles that are tucked away in such a small city as Hobart never ceases to amaze me. Car culture is alive and well in Tasmania, indeed.

Check out the gallery below. Click to enlarge.

Some special notes:

I believe the Porsche Spyder and the Alfa Giulietta were both just recently acquired by their owners. Most of the guys attending this event come regularly (frequently alternating their cars as most have collections rather than just one), but both of these cars were new to the show.

The dark green Rolls Royce was the star of the show, for me. The condition and the detailing on the car were just amazing. I wish I’d talked to the owner and got some more details. Next time….

Life doesn’t get more 1970’s than an orange Jensen, does it?

The Maserati sounded as good as it looked, though I have to admit the SS badge on the back did remind me of a certain episode of Top Gear 🙂 – this is the real deal, though.

There were no Saabs on display, sadly. I’m going to have to talk to my mate Drew and see if he might be interested in getting his V4 Saab 95 down there. I reckon it’d be a star attraction.

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  1. Went down last month- not really an impressive gathering that day, unfortunately. Currently having the rear door of the 95 repaired, so hoping to make April’s gathering. Good to have it mobile again.


    1. I had a great time looking around there today. Will be a regular thing for me, I think. You should definitely bring one of your cars down.

  2. Lovely. I would drive to Tasmania for a get together like this (except for the water). My area does mostly muscle cars–just not my thing.
    Gene in CA (Saab, Volvo, MG guy.)

  3. Given that I already dig Interceptors, that orange one was over the moon. Looks like a good show indeed.

  4. Looks like a great little show. Rare to see a Porsche 550 spyder. It looks in mint shape.