Spyker B6 Venator – New at Geneva

Spyker missed the Geneva Motor Show in 2012 due to upheaval caused by the Saab bankruptcy. Spyker chief Victor Muller was busy enough trying to keep the company afloat, let along preparing for a motor show. This year, Spyker are back. They’ve got something new to show, too – the Spyker B6 Venator concept car.

Spyker have so far just teased the press with a few abstract images showing the upper shape and the tail lights of the car. Victor Muller spoke with the Wall Street Journal over the weekend, however, and let a few more clues out – along with a full color image of the car (my guess is it’s a decent CGI).

The Venator (latin for “hunter”) will be about the size of a Porsche Boxster. It will combine both aluminium and carbonfibre construction so as to tip the scales at just under 1,400kg (3080 lbs). Power will be provided by a mid-position 375hp V6 engine of unknown origin run through a six-speed automatic transmission. The usual Spyker interior appointments will make an appearance with plenty of leather, aluminium and of course Spyker’s signature exposed gear linkage.

News outlets have been talking about this car for a few weeks, calling it a rival for the Porsche 911. I asked Victor about that a few weeks ago and he denied it straight-up. He mentions it to the Wall St Journal, too.

“….anybody who says [we’re] going to build a Porsche killer is crazy,” Mr. Muller emphasized.

That’s pretty consistent with Spyker’s brand positioning. They’ve never tried to take on the established supercars in performance terms. They cars are intended more as a high-speed luxury lounge. A well appointed gentleman’s cruiser. BYO smoking jacket for when you exit the car.

Full details about the Spyker B6 Venator will come later this week as the press corp wanders through the halls at Geneva.

Spyker B6 Venator


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    1. It’d be an obvious way for them to get a car ready quickly and let’s face it, they haven’t had much time to put it together. We’ll find out more during the week, I hope.

      1. I agree and if it is indeed based on a Lotus, it will be interesting to see what Spyker has modified to distinguish itself and add value.

        1. On the one side, Youngman has contacts to Lotus, and on the other side, Lotus Engineering offers the full development of cars based on either the Elise platform or the Evora platform.

          I think this makes much sense, and hope that Spyker is able to sell hundreds of those per year.