Why Audi Are #Winning

Want to know why Audi have replaced BMW as the car de jour for both the established and the newly financial? Just watch the video below.

It’ll tell you pretty much all you need to know about modern styling, aggressive performance and flawless execution (both the car and the video). Combine those elements with a great driving experience, some great racing and road test results as well as good old word of mouth and you can see why Audi is kicking goals everywhere.

I get very jealous when I see stuff like this because I wish I’d been the one to come up with it. Outstanding.

I’m still not that big a fan of Audis, by the way, but credit where credit’s due.


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  1. About fiveteen years ago, I regularly attended “Cebit” in Hannover, the biggest computer fair in the world. Back then already, when crossing the huge parking lots of attendants nearby, I was surprised to see how many Audis were parked there. I thought to myself, these are the guys who will rule the future, and if this is any indication, Audi’s competition will get into trouble. Seems I was correct 🙂

  2. Yes Audi is doing well , My son has a S/4 and we’ve broched the 500 H.P mark @ the wheels, not a big dog by far but it goes well . Back when I was a young man the shop joke was “Howdy will you please fix my Audi ” , the Audi Fox , 100 LS , and the 5000 were a pain , but wow have they changed . As has the price to repair , but for the Audi faithful it sure has come a long way , kinda makes me wish , I had not dismissed them when we all thought Audi whould never make it another year . Things never do go as planned , I bet on SAAB 35 years back , I dont guess at that anymore .

  3. Have to agree that that is a viscerally enticing ad. Simple message that hits any car guy on an emotional level.