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GTV6 CMI Regularity

The churn begins once again. I put my Alfa Romeo GTV6 up for sale on on Monday.

I wasn’t planning to sell just yet, but I met a guy at the Classics On The Beach event a week earlier and he was looking to buy a GTV6. That got me thinking ‘there’s no time like the present’ so the car is now officially on the market (and yes, that guy’s had a look at it but he’s recently returned to university as a mature age student and despite him loving the car, he can’t push himself too far on price at the moment).

This is the ad. It’s limited to 2000 characters, which is a bummer. As you know I like to fill out the word count 🙂 and this car really does have a very interesting history.

No calls as yet, but it’s early days and I’m a patient man…….. sometimes.


One of the good ones.

Brief history: This GTV6 was built in April 1985 and was owned for 20 years by a racing engineer for Gibson Motorsports (think Nissan GT-R).

Ross used the car once in Targa and then as daily transport and occasional club car. He added Twin Spark gears (LSD) and completely restored the interior, which is still crack-free and rattle-free to this day.

Then came the re-build: The original engine was removed, replaced by an Alfa 75 engine, then the original had a full rebuild done along with a rebuilt clutch (twin-plate) and rebuilt brakes. The original engine was reinstalled and the full rebuild was finished in the late 2000’s when Ross sold the vehicle and moved overseas.

Since then it’s had some under-body paint and cavity wax sealing. I’ve recently added tuned length headers, new brake pads, new hydraulic tensioner and replaced all fluids (incl Redline gear oil).

The car has been garaged all its life. The black interior is in perfect condition. It has the original Alfa badged stereo from the period. All the electrics (windows, mirror and antenna) work with the exception of a slightly temperamental clock.

The downsides: a small seam of surface rust at the top of the windscreen – driver’s side. The front of the car also has some small stone chips consistent with age. Aircon needs gassing.

I use the car for light club activity (regularity, social runs) and as a weekender. Time for me to try another car from my bucket list. The history is documented and the comes with the car. Pics in this ad were taken by me but pre-Tassie rego.

Make no mistake – this is a good one. There are other GTV6’s available for slightly less money. They’ve either got big rust patches, tired engines, tired interiors or all three. This 1985 model drives like an Alfa should, presents beautifully, was fully rebuilt to the orders of a race engineer in the last 4 years.

Roadworthy not required in Tassie but I’m happy to have the car tested or inspected.


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    1. Still deciding, but I’ve mentioned the Boxster and Brera as possible contenders already and I have a few more to add to that list. I’ll also look for another little Alfa 33 for use as a club car.

      1. I think it is time for you to try out a classic American muscle car for a year or two. 🙂

      2. Get a Boxster (of course I’m biased)
        Nothing beats a Boxster in the twisties.
        The older Boxsters are really cheap now.
        The older Boxsters were made in Finland by Valmet, which makes them a relative of your beloved Viggen 🙂

  1. Steven,
    Get the Aircon re-gassed, sounds so much better for the sake of 50$ or so….

    NO….Air con needs re-gassing…..D’oh

    YES… Recent air con re-gas, just great & cool…..