Petrolicious: The Hunter

Petrolicious is my new favourite website. It covers what I’d call modern vintage cars and it does it beautifully, with articles and beautifully shot videos that showcase why people love cars as well as the cars that they love.

I love older cars. They’re so much more interesting than 95% of the new stuff because they were made at a time when car companies had real, distinct identities. Car companies today are being beaten into conformity by the relentless pursuit of safety, fuel economy, and of course, the most important economy of all – economy of scale.

Modern cars with true individualism are rare. Affordable ones even rarer.

Petrolicious takes you back to a time where man and machine were close, a time when the only silicon chip to come between the two might – that’s might – control a fuel injection computer.

I saw this video on Petrolicious this morning and had to share it here. It’s called The Hunter and it features a man after my own heart (but with much greater means) who searches without remorse or relent for the next car-of-his-dreams.

Damn I love me a V8 Ferrari! And there’s a nice idea here for my mate Mats, too 🙂

Enjoy. And check out Petrolicious.

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    1. I think it’s more achievable in the US than it would be here in Oz, Ted (not that it’d be easy in the US, but it would be easier then here). The garage with the five cars that I’ve linked to in this post features close to $300,000 worth of cars in Australian values – and that’s pricing them according to the entry points, not for good examples. Then add the cost of the garage building. I think those Ferraris sell for a bit less over your way, as do the 914s.

  1. It would be a nice exercise to try and put an exact year on the end of this era.
    Somewhere at the end of the eighties?

    1. It would, indeed, Ralph. I have a feeling that the advent of the mounded bumper might have something to do with it, but not everything.

  2. I love the cinematography of these films. They get great colour, angles and definition. The editing is also crisp to come up with engaging, short films