Update – Alfa GTV6

Just a quick update on the Alfa GTV6 auction……

Despite having 26 ‘watchers’ in the final hours of the auction, the car didn’t attract any bids. I’m in two minds as to whether I should re-list it on Ebay. I certainly don’t want to consider a lower price than the $11.5K I put on it and there’s also the hassle that comes with selling to someone you haven’t spoken to, someone who hasn’t checked the car out for themselves. I was quite nervous as the auction came to a close, to be honest.

I’ve had some interest from outside of Ebay, which is encouraging, and I’ll see what comes of that for the time being.


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  1. I don’t know what your options are down under, but having just sold my Saab yesterday, I found the most responses came from outside of eBay. I used the free eBay local ad feature, craigslist, cars dot com, and a saabnet classified. I got many serious queries from all but eBay, just opposite to what I expected. The family that bought it lived 2+ hours from me, and I was nervous about them getting a certified check and such before they saw the car, so I emailed photos of every bad thing on the car before they came. But, they still had to have their Saab. Aren’t there any Alfa forum classifieds?

  2. Sorry to hear that nobody snatched it up, Swade. Keep the faith. It will find a new enthusiast home, and you’ll soon be able to scratch your next automotive itch.

  3. Can you advertise it in the AROCA newsletter? Given its history it should garner some interest there.
    Just down the street from me there is a white GTV that has had Lots of work done on it, so there are guys doing them up in Melbourne. This one revs up so quick it sounds like a motorbike on heat.

    1. It’s on the Alfa Club Vic website, and carsales, and gumtree…….

      Covering the bases but it’s basically a waiting game for the right buyer.