“Lancia Quest” will conclude this evening

A quick update…..

There are currently two bids on the car and given that it’s a ‘No Reserve’ auction starting at $10K, that means it WILL sell to the highest bidder – tonight.

The auction started at $10K and is currently at $10,100. Neither of the bids are mine. I’ve set myself a ceiling somewhere not far above the starting price. I have to aim low simply because there’s so much work to be done on the body and the interior.

I went and saw a local Fulvia last night, just to see one in the flesh and to see if I’d fit in with a helmet on. I’d need to put a sports seat in it, but it will be possible to use this for club events.

The auction finishes at midnight. It could well go past my ceiling before then, but hopefully I’ll still be in the game. It’s a big commitment given the work that needs to be done, but I think this car is worth it. I’ve had lots of very positive communication with the Lancia community online in the last few days. Very dedicated, passionate and encouraging.

Let’s see what happens.

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  1. A basic respray this side of the continent starts at $5k, graphics are also quiet expensive, good luck…..

  2. We’re now at 7 bids and my ceiling is fast approaching. It’s at $11K. It’ll go over what I’m willing to pay before midnight, I’m quite sure.

    The interesting part is whether or not the sale will go through. The car is not necessarily as advertised. I wonder if the potential buyer(s) know its true condition.

    1. The auction still has around 3.5 hours to go, but it’s now $1,000 past my ceiling. I’ve been chatting with a few Fulvia people and all is not lost if I still want one. I just have to be pretty committed to getting one. They sell for much more reasonable prices overseas…..

      1. Did you get a chance to sit in that one in storage to see if you would fit with a helmet on?