Qoros confirms picking up some Saab tech

Earlier this year, a new Chinese car company called Qoros made their international debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Qoros have already picked up a number of staff members from Saab and as hinted at Geneva, they’ve also picked up a bit of technology that was intended for Saab as well.

Back in February, I wrote the following:

The second conversation mentioned the first company I’ve heard of that will use eAAM’s electric rear drive system – the one that would have debuted in Saab’s Phoenix-based 900.

The company is Qoros, a Chinese-based but very much Europe-focused branch of Chery…..

The development of advanced engineering innovations is a core strategic activity for Qoros and the Cross Hybrid Concept features an innovative hybrid drive system. Intelligent control software ensures seamless transition between petrol-engined front-wheel drive, electric motor rear-wheel drive, and an all-wheel drive mode employing both power units together.

They didn’t mention it by name back then, but it sounded all too familiar to a Saab fan.

Today, eAAM have confirmed the hunch with a press release:


DETROIT, MICHIGAN- July 9, 2013 – A commitment to the advancement of hybrid and electric driveline systems has secured AAM a new driveline systems contract featuring e-AAMTM technology, with Qoros Auto Co., Ltd. (Qoros).

Qoros, an automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Shanghai, China and a joint venture between Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. and Israel Corporation, will feature e-AAMTM technology on a future model year Qoros vehicle. This vehicle will be produced in China for both the Chinese and European automotive markets.

e-AAMTM hybrid and electric driveline systems consist of an electric drive unit, power box unit with an electric drive control module and a proprietary control strategy and software designed for traction and hybrid controls functionality. e-AAMTM technology provides a cost efficient solution with market leading power density, a high degree of modularity and a full scope of controls and software designed to provide significant benefits to consumers. These features include better fuel efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions and improved safety, ride and handling performance.

“We are extremely pleased to initiate a partnership with Qoros,” said AAM President & Chief Executive Officer, David C. Dauch. “Our investment in driveline systems for hybrid and electric vehicles has allowed us to develop an innovative patent-protected product portfolio, enabling AAM to play a leading role in this important new driveline product segment.”


Next thing you know, they’ll be calling it the 9-3 or 900!

Kudos to Qoros for recognising some good tech when they see it. It’ll be interesting to see the reviews when an eAAM car is eventually released.

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  1. You can’t tell from the press release, but this eAWD system is still developed in Trollhättan, Sweden by the company e-AAM Driveline Systems AB. They had 54 employees at year-end 2012 and they most probably rent their development laboratories from NEVS now. When the company was formed, Saab Automobile AB owned ~33 % of it but the bankruptcy administrators sold this share to American Axle Manufacturing which owned the other ~67 %.

    1. All of which is the reason why this news appears here. Qoros recruited a number of Saab staff and have now started recruiting bits of technology, too.