Classics By The Beach – November 2013

After missing ‘Classics’ last month due to our holiday, and with a new car to take down there, you can imagine that I was quite pumped up for Classics By The Beach today. Sadly, the weather didn’t co-operate and a drizzly Sunday morning saw the attendance fall.

I rocked up just as a light sprinkling of rain turned into a reasonably nasty shower. What’s worse, I was wearing shorts as I planned to go to the gym straight after, so the cold and wet conditions combined with my lightweight attire didn’t exactly lend themselves to hanging around for many photos.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth going, though.

I really hope a good number of the same cars turn up again next month because there were a few that I’d really love to photograph some more.

The star of the morning was undoubtedly this DeTomaso Pantera. They’re incredibly rare anywhere in the world so I find myself thanking the automotive gods (again) that we happen to have one down here in little old Tassie.

DeTomaso Pantera

DeTomaso Pantera

I don’t know how well you can see in that photo, but the Pantera had what are quite possibly the widest wheels/tyres I’ve ever seen in person. The rear tyres were 335/35s.

And I thought I took a hit in the wallet last week when I bought 245/40s!! I’d hate to be paying for these.

The other star of the show was this beautiful Volvo P1800 coupe. I went back after my gym session and thankfully this was still around so I could get some more photos. Sadly, the owner didn’t seem to be around so I couldn’t get a shot of the magnificent red leather interior.

Volvo P1800


My mate Gavin came down this month with his RenaultSport Clio V6. That’s not Gavin to the right of the car, by the way. I think that gent owned an MG or something – he looks like the MG type).

Gav’s Clio V6 is one of just a half-dozen such cars in Australia as they were never officially sold here. I’m going to have to tee up some time to do a feature on this car soon.

RenaultSport Clio V6

Here’s some Aussie muscle for you – an early 1970’s LJ Holden Torana. I had a four-door version of this car in white when I was a young hoon. Let’s just say it didn’t die well.

Holden Torana

I’d love to know a bit more about this racy little Fiat with the Abarth badges on it. Not a good day to have your T-top off the car……

Fiat X/1-9

But an appropriate day for a boat-tail…..

Classics By The Beach

This Porsche 356 Super 90 was dressed up as if it was ready for some serious long-distance competitive work.

Porsche 356 Super 90

Nice on the inside, too.

Porsche 356 Super 90

Porsche 356 Super 90

Porsche 356 Super 90

Our last feature for this week is this lovely sky-blue Ferrari. I’m not familiar with the model and once again, the owner seemed to be off getting a coffee so I couldn’t get more details or interior shots. Next time…..


There’s a full gallery below. Feel free to do some clickage….


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  1. Some nice looking cars! That DeTomaso Pantera is certainly interesting…but that front angle shot really makes it look a bit odd…like it has a big “overbite”. Is it that pronounced in person, or is that just the perspective of that angle?

    1. I hadn’t noticed it until you mentioned it. To me, the Pantera has always simply looked HAWT. Still does.

      I really hope it’s there again next month. Would love to have a proper look around it.

  2. Did you park yours in a side street? Next time, we need to see a Paw(?) of Porsches all lined up looking the goods. Explain to those on on the mainland why the exotica density is so skewed in TAS? Sort of like NZ actually. Wellington has ridiculous amounts of really old classica that goes back over 100 Years. It’s just not making sense! Way too many special cars for the population….

    1. Actually, that Pantera has a very wild ‘kit’ on it. The stock body was rather more demure and did not have the overbite. Sort of wrecks it when you know what a proper one looks like.

  3. I’m pretty sure I saw a De Tomaso Pantera GTS (big rear wing) in Hobart about 5 or six years ago… Surely there couldn’t be two down here?