Finally – A C3 Corvette Interior That Lives Up To The Exterior

Regular readers will know that I’m not a fan of many vehicles produced by General Motors, an historical attitude that was only heightened by their relationship with Saab over two decades. Like most people, however, I have always been a fan of the Corvette. It’s the one car that GM seem to do right, most of the time.

My favourite Corvette body shape is the C3. It’s mean and sexy all at the same time with it’s massive curves and super-long front end.


That’s a cool looking car, right?

Imagine walking up to that car for the first time. Wouldn’t you be excited? Wouldn’t you be dying to get inside and get the motor running?

I think a few people probably did die when they climbed inside – from disappointment. The interior of the C3 Corvette has to be one of the plainest, most un-exotic interiors ever designed. It’s totally lacking the character of the car’s exterior or the sporting simplicity of other cars from the era.


Have a good look.

Can you really believe that the design team that worked on these interiors ever saw the exterior of the Corvette C3 before they submitted their design idea? Can you believe the people who approved this interior ever saw the exterior of the car it was intended for?


It looks like the same materials, design and build quality of the Ford Falcon sold here in Australia in the 1970’s. In fact, of you showed this interior to a person born in the 1970’s who’d never seen a Corvette interior before, I doubt they would guess it’s from a sports car. There’s a very good chance they’d name it as the type of bog-standard sedan that was parked in their family garage when they were growing up.

Thankfully, some Corvette owners do take pride in their interiors and do them up to look a little more impressive. This is one time where ‘keeping it stock’ is not necessarily a good thing.

Leather company, Vilner, has taken it to the next level. They’ve created a completely custom leather interior for a C3 show car, proving that even a plainly designed interior like the C3’s can benefit greatly from a little bit of thought and a liberal layering with some premium materials.


OK, so this interior is completely over the top. It’s the sort of customisation that you’d expect to find in a Koenigsegg rather than a Corvette. Still, it’s one of the few that I’ve seen that does the exterior of the C3 justice.

Vilner have covered nearly everything with leather, right down the indicator stalks!! The dashboard, steering wheel, console, seats (of course), door cards and even the roof lining are all nappa leather. Contrast stitching is everywhere and is complemented by writing being laser etched into some of the surfaces.


Vilner have added some new gauges in the dash and some subtle modifications to lighting and luggage on the exterior, too.

It’s quite likely that the person who can afford an interior like this doesn’t own a C3 Corvette. Vilner’s copy might be the only one that ever exists. I hope not, though. This is a car that deserved a special, high quality interior straight from the factory. It’s nice to see at least one C3 Corvette getting the same design attention to the inside as was paid to the outside.

Click to enlarge and enjoy.


Note: I first saw these photos at Autoblog. There’s a bigger gallery there including photos of the car’s exterior.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more! A few years ago I was looking at C3s as a possible toy – I’ve loved them since I was a bout 11, but the interior really did put me off. Way too plastic and plain for a car that was soooo stunning on the outside!

    Looking around, I found another nice looking C3 interior – something that does make it look a tad more special and not quite as over the top as the Vilner one!!

  2. I agree that the quality of the interior now matches, but I think that I’d have gone much more toward the Spyker style interior rather than the leather wrap. To each his own.

  3. I’m I’m total agreement and disgust both. The first time I looked at my C3 corvette I knew the interior needed to be gutted and something better and more refined put in