Ken Block vs Ken Box

I think we might have just learned exactly when you should quit what was once a good thing.

Ken Block has released his Gymkhana 6 video, continuing a five year tradition of entertaining driving, copious amounts of tyre smoke and unabashed pre-Christmas product promotion.

Here it is:

What do you think?

I can remember when Block’s videos were jaw-dropping and even quite funny. Personally speaking, this one felt like The Godfather III – it’s watchable, but not even close to the films that came before it.

When the TV show Happy Days was in its waning years a few decades ago, they had Fonzie on water skis jumping over a shark to create some tension and (they hoped), some interest. This is now considered the Gold Standard in doing ludicrous things in order to maintain interest.

Mr Block might want to consider doing his next Gymkhana video at a water park because Gymkhana 6 is more than just a bit tedious in comparison to episodes 1-5.

In fact, it’s not even as entertaining as a tribute/parody from a guy calling himself Ken Box, who whizzes around a warehouse in a Crazy Cart wrapped in a cardboard box.



I know. It’s all a bit frivolous and light weight. Feel free to make your arguments that I’m jumping the shark myself by writing this post.

I’ll try and get to something more engaging soon, I promise.


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