Poll: Automotive Interest in 2014

[hr] [dropcap]I[/dropcap] asked in long-form for people’s automotive interests in 2014 and got some great responses. Thanks for that. In fact, I plan to tap a few people and draw out some longer thoughts in the near future because I think there are some interesting movements there.

In the meantime, however, I figured it might be good to get a more statistical view of what people plan to do. Recognising that there are a lot of Saab owners that read this site, I’ve included two polls here. One is to do with Saab and whether or not your moving on to something else.

The second poll is a basic brand poll i.e. if you’re considering a purchase in the next year (or two), which brand is the front-runner in your thinking right now?

Please feel free to vote in both polls, even if you’re definite about your intentions it’ll be interesting to see an overview of what people are doing.


Poll #1

Please note: Recognising that some people will have varying plans, I can’t cover everything with the options offered below.

Therefore, please feel free to select up to TWO options from those offered in this poll.

[poll id=”12″] [hr]

Poll #2

Please select only one answer from the options below. If you choose ‘other’ then please feel free to enlighten us in comments.

[poll id=”13″]


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  1. I marked “other” for my 2014 plans and that is of two reasons.
    1: I do not have a clue what else I’m going for.
    It needs to be safe, comfy and interesting. The usual germans isn’t interesting for me unless I pay up way to much for a merc.
    If I must buy a new car, it could be a cheap transporter with no feelings attached at all, skoda or what ever. Just beeing safe and able to coop with long trips.
    2: It looks like I’m getting a new windshields after all to my ng 9-5, and that’s putting me in a good spot. I’m not buying anything this year!

    On the other hand. If the ev is good enough, we just might get one in a year or two as a second car (setting the 9000 as the third)

  2. I’d liked to have two options for the second poll. Jaguar would be the #2. Interesting comments on the previous post, yes. Good to read that I’m among friends (people that love Saab, but are moving to other brands out of necessity).

  3. My 2005 9-5 only has 60k miles so I will be keeping it for a while. I just spent a week with a Dodge Challenger in SoCal and I would consider a car like that if I need a new one. I never really was into muscle cars but they are actually quite nice to drive as a daily driver. Really like the style of a 2-door, something that was missing from Saab’s lineup. A Mustang convertible would be high on my list if I ever move to a warm climate.

    I am not really committed to a single brand just because of the brand. Just like many different type of cars and drive and buy the ones that make me smile.

  4. I answered poll 2 even though I don’t plan on buying a car this year. If I were to buy however, it would be a Saab for a mix of sentimental and practical reasons. From a practical standpoint Saab makes the kind of car that suits my car-owing habits. I tend to buy used and keep for as long as possible, so I value Saab’s safety and engineering excellence and its enduring design values. (My 2001 9-5 Aero SC still looks great and drives beautifully, and I am lucky to have an excellent Indie mechanic to keep her going). In addition, it would be hard in today’s market to find another used car that offers the value for money that a Saab does. On the sentimental side, I have just finished reading Lance Cole’s “Saab Cars: The Complete Story”. It really is remarkable how much a small and chronically underfunded company accomplished in its 60+ year history, and how (almost without exception) it remained true to its core values of safety, practicality and enduring excellence rather than chasing fashion and gimmickry. I guess the question is whether NEVS can/will maintain these values? I think it’s too early to say, but I’m encouraged by the fact they have hired back a number of old Saab hands, and their decision to continue production of ICE cars (despite early talk of an all-EV approach). This suggests they are prepared to listen to their customers, so I’m prepared to wait and see.

  5. Same for me. Not buying, per se, but I have those little thoughts whizzing about in the back of my mind if I was to. Thanks for that Swade! My kids are now of the age that a three or two door car would work for me again, and that opens up lots of options. Like a classic BM. But they are getting really expensive and most are not original spec anymore.
    Looking at old Alfas too for a resto. But the two dailies will stay. Might keep the wagon going for ever…

  6. Keeping and maintaining my Turbo-X SC, but that’s for pleasure driving, snow, or when I need the utility. For my daily commute, I am moving on in the next month to a Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. Lots there for a Saab fan to love…

  7. Good to see that Saab is winning in both polls. People maybe thinking about other brands but are still sticking with their existing Saab or plan to buy a used Saab.

  8. My daily driver 2003 9-5 Estate only has 485.000 km, so it’s good for another couple of years :-). My 9000 has 390.000, and has been demoted to winter car, I’ll keep it as long as it runs.

  9. I stretched things a bit, sorry, and re-interpreted the questions . . . Our 2007 9-5 is still a daily driver, but we added an off-lease 2010 MB E350 in mid-2013 (close enough to 2014!). They’re not the same; 9-5 is much sportier, 350 much quieter, but I needed (wanted?) rock-solid safety in whatever I drove, comfort, roominess, and a touring car for which I could get qualified service in the middle spaces of North America on long drives. I’d consider a new SAAB again in the future but the 9-3 was and is presently too small for our family and travel needs–even if in some form it does make it back to this side of the Atlantic. I’ll nurture Dame Edna as long as parts and mechanics are available. So far so good. Electric or hybrid definitely not on my list in the foreseeable future–I walk in the city and drive mostly long distances, and don’t yet trust the impact of batteries on the planet.

  10. Other: Considering a Porsche for myself and a Range Rover (or the Toyota FJ) for the better half. While either or both choices will be financially challenging, I needed to put up a goal. Specifically an ’08 997 and a Rangie HSE (or a loaded Toyota FJ) are chalked up as those goals. Whether I hit ether or both of them within this year will depend on whether that butterfly in the Amazon jungle atop a unicorn’s horn flaps its wings twice or thrice.