Salacious Saab Sonett Selling (its soul) in Silver

I’ve got to admit I’m quite partial to the original Saab Sonett III colour palette. The bright citrus type colours from the early 1970’s suited the Sonett to a ‘T’ so I always have to have a good hard look when someone does something non-standard.

I didn’t like the black Sonett that got auctioned in Europe a few months ago. But then, Coggs’ metallic red Sonett looks the absolute dog’s bollocks. So if you’re going to go non-standard then make sure you choose wisely because it can make or break the car.

Via Bring a Trailer, we have this 1974 Saab Sonett currently offered for sale on Ebay.

The seller has owned the car for 2 years and it was the owner prior to him/her that did the paint job. The car is finished in a nice BMW silver from the 1980’s and as much as I find most silver cars a tad boring (purely because they’re everywhere) I have to say that the silver sets this Sonett off quite nicely indeed.

I’m pleased they left the blackout section at the back. Some people paint this instead of leaving black, which is how it should be. My only remaining wish is that they’d blacked-out the engine cover on the hood. It just doesn’t look quite right without it.

Other than that, it’s a job well done.

The seller claims to have re-done the gearbox and clutch, upgraded the ignition, added a new intake and new Weber carb as well as a major refurbishment of the interior.

It looks good and he says it goes good, too.

Sonetts are climbing in price and at the time of writing, bids are at $9,200 with the reserve still waiting to be reached. Bidding closes in just over 4 days from now.

I’d say the price is about fair right now if the condition is as claimed. It’ll be interesting to see what the reserve is set at. With 20 bids already in the can and 4 days left to run, I’m sure we’ll see this one sell.

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  1. I saw this yesterday on BAT also. I was not sure at first when I saw the silver if I liked it….but the more I look at it, it is growing on me. This one has obviously been restored well from the sound of it and it will be interesting to see how much it goes for.

    The previous owner of my Sonett III painted it yellow. Not the more pale yellow that was available on the original ’71 models, but more of a Monte Carlo yellow like was used on some C900 convertibles. It looks like this silver paint job is a little more professional than the one on mine, but then I was not looking for a show car, just one in good mechanical shape. (Although I have already had to have some work done on mine that I did not expect….but such is life owning a 40 year old car.)

  2. Definitely would benefit from some black on the hood, whether it’s the engine cover or a rally stripe offset from center. Either way it’s still a good looking car as is.

  3. I never liked the Mk III Sonett much until I saw these pictures, so I’d say it’s a job well done.

  4. >>absolute dog’s bollocks<<
    I know you mean that in a good way.

    Great looking example and agree with above posts that it would benefit from the traditional black bonnet hatch. My '73 comes out of hibernation in another couple of weeks. Can't wait.

  5. Wow…bid is at $10,000 and it still says reserve not met. Wonder what the owner has in mind for the reserve price?

  6. According to “Sonetts for sale” list on, it lists that eBay entry price as $12,000. I wonder if the code uses to update that list is able to get the reserve price from the eBay data? (The current bid is still holding at $10,000.)