Magnus Walker’s Epic Porsche 911 Turbo Ebay Ad

While you’re all pondering the subject of Turbin’s recent Guild writing – Prejudice Part 1 – allow me to distract you momentarily with a rather epic and detailed Ebay ad for a Porsche 911 Turbo. I’m posting it now because it’d be a good idea to see while the auction’s still live.

mag1Mention the name ‘Magnus Walker’ at a Porsche Club event and you’re likely to get mixed reactions. Some people love the guy and some people………. don’t.

He’s certainly worked wonders with his own profile in the last few years. Some would argue he’s done the impossible and actually lifted the already-pantheonic profile of the Porsche 911 in some circles.

Some 911 owners might sneer, but air-cooled 911 prices have gone through the roof in the last few years. If Magnus’ promotional work has added even a single percentage point to that, then that’s a reason to be cheerful.

Magnus is certainly cashing in on a personal level. He was on Porsche’s official guest list at events all over the northern hemisphere last summer. And now he’s cashing in by selling one of his 911 Turbos on Ebay.


You’d be forgiven for thinking he’d simply say “this is a Magnus Walker 911 Turbo” and wait for his notoriety to draw the bids in. But no. This is actually one of the better Ebay ads I’ve ever seen. He’s definitely working hard for the money.

The ad has 159 photos!!!

30 or so of those photos show the car looking all shiny. The rest of them are shots of the rebuild that was done to the car and detail shots of the interior, the undercarriage, etc.

This is a genuine, epic car ad. I’d encourage you to take a look while it’s still online.

It seems to be working, too. As at the time of writing, there have been 33 bids and the asking price is up to $111,099

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  1. SWADE great post. I am one of those not impressed by Magnus, maybe because I know him closer than most.

    However I must concede that if he helps the value of my air cooled car I will take that.

    Magnus is a great self promoter and decent photog but has others do his work and never credits them.

    I was shocked to see in his ad that he did admit that he did not do the engine. QUOTE: “MY BUDDY MARTY DUG DEEPER INTO THE CAR TO SEE WHY IT WAS NOT RUNNING…….WE DECIDED THE BITE THE BULLET AND PULL THE MOTOR OUT…..”.

    This is a revelation that Magnus names someone who really did the work, even if it is just “Marty”.

    In my opinion it is just good manners to identify your outside sources and not keep them anonymous….

    No one can do every specialized job in a restoration.

    You mentioned that Magnus in controversial, I just wanted to show that you are very right!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. My closest cousin’s machine of choice has always been the Porsche, while for me it has always and will always be a SAAB. The funny part is: because of him I spend most late night evenings watching(maybe studying is more befitting) the numerous, Rob @ Singer and Magnus @ Outlaw, videos.

    While these two have an unparalleled passion for the Porsche 911, they are very different in their approaches. I actually appreciate what each individual brings to the table. It is my dream to create a company that will do for the c900 what Singer does for the 911, while having a mission statement equal to that of Magnus @ Outlaw.

    That is quite the eBay ad! Notoriety, number of pictures, quality of pictures, detailed write up….In combination, it all does indeed appear to be working.

  3. Epic indeed. Wonder if he posted himself…

    Closing comment of the ad sums it up really…