For Sale: Lancia Fulvia 1.3 Rallye

Sadly, it’s come to this.

My Lancia Fulvia 1.3 Rallye is up for sale. With Mrs Swade and I wanting to move house and the initial estimates on the restoration work being higher than anticipated, I have to offer it up for someone else to take on.

It’ll be very sad to see this beautiful lady move on, but hopefully someone else can do the work that I can’t.


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  1. Saw it pop up in my email alerts – sad news but you will live to fight another Lancia Fulvia one day, I’m sure. Good luck finding the right new home. I’d be interested, as you know, but have far too much on to do it justice. Asking price is pretty sharp! Sure it’ll take moments to be gone!

    1. I hope so. As mentioned, I’m not looking to make anything on it. Just want to move it on and get on with other things. Hopefully someone can get it done.

      1. If it’s still there when I arrive in ~2 weeks I’ll be over for a look. In the 9-5 Wagon I just paid $800 for. It has a tow-ball. All I need is a trailer. Oh, and $4000 😛

    1. Understandable. I’m disappointed too. But in the words of The Gambler, you’ve got to know when to hold ’em, etc.

      A good friend says I’ll be kicking myself in a few years for this. He may well be right. But this is the right decision for our circumstances now.

      1. If it makes you feel better I had to sell our Apple shares in 2002 so we could buy a house. They were $23 per share. After all the splits etc.. they would be worth over $800 today, but I still have a house (well, the bank does, I’ve still got 20 years to go before I can claim its mine).

      2. Many many years ago I bought a Lancia Beta Coupe which I planned to fix. I was young, had no money but lots of energy. The lack of money took the upper hand and I sold the car.

        I thought I would be kicking myself 10 years later. We’re now 20 years later and guess what: I never kicked myself over it. Why ? Because I moved on. Life goes on, shit happens, other great things happen too. We deal with it and move on.

        I sold the Beta and bought a Delta which I furiously enjoyed. Then sold the Delta for a Fiat Tipo.

        Actually, I do kick myself for that particular decision, lol.


    2. And upon further reflection….

      There are a hundred different things going on in life right now that I don’t write about on this website. All of them complicate matters considerably and make both the practicalities and the spend involved in this project impossible right now.

      Given that I had to manually approve your comment, this is either your first contribution here or you’re using a pseudonym. Hopefully I’ve given you more knowledge about the Fulvia as a car over this shorter-than-intended journey than what you’ve given me with this contribution.

      1. I wouldn’t bother to explain, Steve. It’s probably that guy from SU…!! Anyway, sorry to hear it, but it’s totally understandable given the circumstances. I thought it was going to be tough, not necessarily because of the work, but the cost of getting parts out to your neck of the woods. I’d imagine it would be easier if you lived in Italy! If you’re taking suggestions for your next reasonably-priced purchase, I double dare you to take a look at one of these:

        It’s a great stealth car!

    1. Nige, seriously? I hope this comment is just a poor attempt at humor. If you have been following this blog for a while, you will know what Steven is referring to about their considerations for a new house.

      1. Of course it was. Poor? Maybe not. Had the same comment given to me whenever I have been in a similar situation. It is s pretty common line.

  2. Sad to hear. At least it has some value as it stands and you can make some money back on it. I always wonder if a car in bits is actually worth anything much at all. My BM resto project has stalled and it is also in pieces with very little or no progress being made of late. Not sure I would get my money back if anything, if I tried to move it on in its present condition. Looks like you might have been trolled….maybe a Swedish variety?

  3. Man, thats too bad. No chance of you storing it somehow, getting the dream house and one day restoring it? Remember, you only lose on it when you sell. (From a man kicking himself he sold a perfect ’66 Beetle and a cool ’71 VW Type 3 wagon)…….: )

  4. My comment is a little late, but I feel your pain. My MC850 project has stalled since last July. I put up a blog to pressure myself to keep going ( but even that doesn’t work when so many more important issues keep popping up. And it’s a LOT harder than I imagined—just finished reading a book on sheet metal finishing so I can straighten metal distorted due to welding, a real bummer.
    You may have made the right decision. I wish I had done the same. If I hadn’t dived so far into this, I would sell everything and wait for a rust-free car and pay the money. I’ll get it done, but it’s no fun anymore.