Video: Petrolicious Alfa Giulia Super Ti

Want to spend 7 minutes feeling good about the world? Watch this superb new film from Petrolicious.

It features one of the nicest guys you’ll ever see driving one of the nicest little Alfas you’ll ever see. It’s a car he built himself and he did such a good job that he ended up working for one of the best custom car builders in California – Singer Porsche.

Sit back, pump up the volume and enjoy.

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    1. You can see in some shots that he has a race harness installed, although he is not using it. The car probably only came with lap belts, which may be fastened in the video.

  1. A proper Alfa. Probably the best handling 105 series. Way back in the 1980s I went to look at a 1300 ti for sale at £600. It was pale green with tan vinyl seats. Inside it stank of nicotine. Needless to say I didn’t buy it.

  2. A great story about such a cool car. But then I am a little biased as have both a 1300 Ti and a Super.