Nissan FulviaSilvia

I think I’ve just found the Japanese version of the Lancia Fulvia!!

Spotted via Bring-A-Trailer, this is a Nissan Silvia from 1965. Just 554 of these were hand-made over a four year period. It was powered by a 1.6 litre, inline 4-cylinder engine making just 96hp.

The car is for sale in Japan for around $20,000 (which is reasonable value for a pretty little car, I reckon).

It’s been said that Asian carmakers don’t mind imitating designs by other manufacturers and that’s arguably been the case when these companies are just starting to break into western markets. It’s one less hurdle for a new player to jump over.

So did Nissan pinch a few cues from Lancia’s little Italian coupe from the 1960’s?

I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, but the similarities are right here for you to see. The twin headlamps and horizontal grille are similar, but punctuated by a sharper point in the middle on the Nissan.

Nissan Silvia 1


What’s most striking is the roofline and the B-pillar, which are remarkably similar. The rear is quite different.

Nissan Silvia 2


The reason I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt?

The Silvia was made from the mid-1960’s. The Series 2 Fulvia, which bears the closest resemblance, arrived about 5 years later. Nissan might have copied the B-pillar design but were ahead on the front end.

Maybe the designers at Lancia copied the Silvia for the Series 2 front end??? 🙂

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  1. My dad had one of these before trading it in for a Alfa Romeo Gulietta 1750 GTV (in ochre) I think that about 50 of these Silvias came to Australia all in that greeny silver colour. They were based on the Fairlady 1600 with separate chassis and all. My dad got rid of his after the sudden oversteer became an issue. I was about seven at the time. Apart from the colour, the thing I remember most about it was the space age interior.
    I think the wires on the car shown are not the original wheels.
    The name Albrecht Goetz is often connected with the styling, which I agree could be “inspired” by the Fulvia. As with the 240Z, the actual parentage is a little shady.
    I reckon the main thing keeping any interest in these is the rarity.

  2. I hope that designers as a whole were pursing the similar design cues to satisfy the styles and market demands of the day. However, like the modern-day Koreans, Japanese automakers in the 1960s and 1970s were apt to ape their American and European counterparts.

    It’s a mixed bag, I suspect.

    I like that early Silvia for what it’s worth. Great find!

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  4. So far as Bond film involvement is concerned, not so far as I know.
    The Bond film partly set in Japan was You Only Live Twice, and at one stage, he drove a (one-off) convertible Toyota 2000GT (also supposedly styled by Goertz) They had to hastily cut the roof off that car after Connery couldn’t fit into the coupe.
    The chase was complete ludicrous (Which Bond car chases aren’t?) Bond was in a 2 litre coupe with similar performance and better handling than an E-type but struggled to outrun villains in a Nissan Cedric, which at the time had a 1600 sohc which put out about 50bhp and handled like the Morris Isis clones they otherwise were.

  5. The csp311 Silvia appeared briefly in Karate Kid 11 . I have one of the 49 sold new in Australia , but unfortunately after owning it since 1992 sold it last week and it is going to Germany .