Selfie Snippets – NEW CAR, Shannons Show, Alfa Sprint @ Hemmings

Forgive the self-indulgent nature of this post, but I have a few localised and personal updates to share here.


Shannons Car Show THIS SUNDAY

This Sunday is the first Sunday in a new month and as such, I’d normally be at Classics By The Beach in Sandy Bay.

However, this Sunday is also the date for the Shannons classic car show on the lawns adjoining Rosny College, on Hobart’s eastern shore. So if you’re in Tasmania and planning to go to Classics on Sunday, bear in mind that attendance there is likely to be lower than normal as a lot of the usual suspects will head over the river for the Shannons Show.

X marks the spot….



Alfa Sprint @ Hemmings

My cup of gratitude overflows for the kindness shown to me by the people at Hemmings in accepting an article I submitted on my Alfa Romeo Sprint. It’s been published on the Hemmings Blog today and I hope you have some time to check it out at the following link:

Driving a slow car fast: The Alfa Romeo Sprint and the “Top Gear Theory”

Many thanks to Mark M for the introduction and advice along the way. It was a wonderful exercise.


My thanks also to Stu the Lens Genius for making that photo what it is.


Porsche 928 S

Yes, I’ve done it again. My latest acquisition is a 1985 Porsche 928S in navy blue.



I spent last weekend (and a few days more) flying to Queensland and then driving the car some 2500kms back to Tasmania.

I’d hoped to do an epic article about the trip home, but Mother Nature interfered and drowned my plans. Just as I was flying into Queensland, a cat-5 tropical cyclone named Marcia was making landfall about 500kms north of Brisbane. The resulting rainfall was widespread and constant. The following photo sums up about 70% of my drive:


Now that the car is home, I’ll get it registered here and then cleaned up for some beauty shots. Articles will follow, natch….

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  1. Yikes! Swade’s car ADD strikes again!

    But, why does this NOT surprise me?

    Anywho, nice find! If this the 1990 model you were drooling on a couple of weeks ago, It looks like a nice car! Can’t wait to see some photos and more on the new ride of Germania!

  2. Those wheels are just – well – wrong!
    928s are excellent, one of the nicest sounds you can hear.I particularly like them in manual. (I probably sold the Lime cab parked behind the Porsche.)

    1. I’m actually very happy with them. The 928 is such a contemporary exterior design that I don’t think it suffers with bigger, more modern wheels at all. I was happy to get them (though a little shocked by 18″ tyre prices!)

      1. Little know fact: 928 rims are indexed to the hubs. This allows them to be more precisely balanced, which is an issue at >250km/h. It probably won’t be an issue for you Swade, but you should try to find original rims if you can. I suspect that they will add value to the car in the long term.

  3. At least, you probably know by now if the car leaks water or not… 🙂
    Can it enter/exit your driveway without support…? 🙂

    1. I haven’t tried it on the driveway yet. It’s parked at a friend’s house at the moment as we have too many cars here 🙂

      The Fulvia goes on Sunday and hopefully we can get Geoff’s X19 going sooner rather than later. That will clear the garage. I plan on selling the Brumby in a few months from now, too, so that will clear some more space.

  4. Congratulations on the Hemmings piece, Swade! Good stuff, enjoyed the read and hope the comments take off and you get some attention. My only remaining question is this – now you have the Porsche, can I borrow the Sprint?

    I expect I’ll be at the Shannons show on Sunday, thanks for the tip. I’ll be the unusually tall, non-Tasmanian looking person drooling over the Lancia’s. Wonder if we’ll see a Saab or two?

    1. See you there, Dan. I’ll be there early-ish until around midday, when I go home to hand over the Fulvia.

  5. Good decision on the Porsche and nice to see it’s the early version (with the -IMHO- much better looking rear light units).

  6. Congrats on the new car. The 928 needs phone dial wheels to look right. You could put black plasti dip on those on the car and make it look really mean!

    Enjoy the ride.


  7. Looking forward to seeing the new acquisition. Congratulations on Hemmings, well written as always and nice pics to boot. Going to miss both displays this weekend, catchup next month hopefully at Classics. Regards Woodie