The Koenigsegg Regera Is A Lot More Interesting Than Kim Kardashian’s Butt

They said that Kim Kardashian’s champagne butt photo broke the internet a few months ago. By rights, the Koenigsegg Regera should split the darn thing in two.

The internet, that is.

It won’t, because the Swedes aren’t like that. But it should.

I’m still waiting for a proper press release, but the first stories about the Regera are starting to appear online now ahead of Koenigsegg’s press function at the Geneva Motor Show.

I’ve pinched one photo from Jalopnik. You’ll have to head over there yourself for the rest.

Koenigsegg Regera

The Regera, in dot points:

  • 1,500hp
  • 1,627kg
  • 0-400kph in under 20 seconds
  • Direct drive – no gearbox
  • Conceived and built in just 8 months
  • 80 to be produced at US$1.89mil
  • Twin-turbo combustion engine
  • 3 electric engines
  • 21km pure electric drive range
  • Apple Carplay via 9-inch Neonode zForce touchscreen

What’s truly amazing is the 8-month build story. Most of Koenigsegg’s cars have had a very similar look to them over the years. They’ve been an evolution of a familiar design. The Regera has a similar profile from the side but it looks very different, front and back. To design and build that car from scratch in just 8 months is a truly amazing feat (of course, it’s just a show car, so it may be incomplete, but still….)

Christian, you’ve done it again.

Simply amazing.

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      1. It’s about three months since I first understood that someone in this world was named Kim Kardashian. Don’t know if I missed anything.

  1. After hearing that the Germans decided to build a Rolls-Royce branded SUV, I lost any faith in the automotive industry.

    Thank God CvK brings some light to the current boring automotive industry !!!

    1. They have been beaten by other Germans who decided to build a Bentley branded SUV. A tragedy that hopefully will find ist deserved and ignoble end in the Saudi-Arabian desert.

  2. I weep at the thought of what would have happened with Saab if CvK/Koenigsegg would have acquired Saab. The failure of that transaction to go through (thanks to GM) is one of the greatest automotive tragedies of the century in my view. 8 months from conception to build? Unheard of in this industry.

    This is the most beautiful Koenigsegg yet in my view – and the most elegant by far. Somehow they have injected new fluidity into the design which was a little absent before. And the way the oor opens is sublime. I absolutely love it!

    Thanks for posting Swade.

    1. Agreed! As Ferris Bueller said, “If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.” 🙂

    2. Doesn’t surprise me so much, for the following reasons:
      -There are excemptions from certain certification regulations when you build a very small number of cars. Saab benefitted from that rule. This spares a lot of testing
      -Most of the development time is not spent in making a car better, but in making it cheaper. This is not an issue for Koenigsegg. They don’t need to test 30 iterations of some suspension part, they just design one, based on long known engineering principles of how to build something durable and rigid etc.
      -The base engine already existed, right?