Shannons Car Show – March 2015

It’s the first Sunday of the month and normally that means Classics By The Beach. This month, however, it meant the annual Shannons car show held at Rosny Park, just down the hill from home.

Fine conditions early were tempered by light showers in the early afternoon. There was a great turnout, nonetheless. I missed a few hours of the show and some cars had already left by the time I got there, but thankfully a mate named Bruce was there earlier and has chipped in with some of his photos to complete the story.

It’s a mega-gallery, this one. So grab a cuppa and enjoy.

Click any of the photos to enlarge.



Ferrari Dino

I’m hesitant to make this a feature car this week because it should feature in a much nicer setting, with much nicer photos. But how often to you get to see a Dino in person? Sometimes you’ve got to take your chances as they present. And let’s face it, the camera just loves this car.

Click to enlarge…..

It’s amazing to think that there have been times when some of the Dino models have been less loved than other Ferraris. That’s mostly the fate of the 348 Bertone Dinos rather than this one. But even these 246 Dino GT’s, whilst climbing nicely in price, don’t attract anywhere near the stratospheric prices of their Ferrari 250 cousins. I don’t understand why, because this is one of the most beautiful bodies that’s ever adorned a motor vehicle, IMHO.



Old timers

“When you buy one of these cars, you have to become your own engineer”

There are probably a few blokes around who can still fix these old timers, but the cost would be prohibitive and the care these guys exhibit when they fabricate, fix and fettle these old gems is telling.

One of the guys, whose cars are featured often on this website (he’s got a beautiful collection) is going to tackle a Jaguar C-type replica next. All he’s waiting on is the space to build it. Sweet.

I would love to know the story behind this……




The Aussies

Going to a car show like this one used to be all about the Holdens and Fords on display. Thankfully, we’re a little more diverse than that now, which means it’s easier to actually appreciate the Fords and Holdens on display.

For me, it’s a case of the older, the better. As you can see, most of the Fords and Holdens below date back to the 1960’s and 1970’s.

My favourite Holden of all time is the EH from 1964. And there were a bunch of them on show today.


What’s the collective noun for a group of gigantic carburettors? A stage? This LJ Torana race car has a ‘stage’ of three 45mm Solexes. Huge.




The Europeans

There were several Ferraris present, along with a slew of other Italians, Germans and Brits on the day.

One of my humble favourites was sitting among the Italian Mob. I love a slow-car-driven-fast and this Fiat 128 Coupe is exactly that, as you can see from the number of hillclimb stickers on the side.

This Fiat 850 belongs to a mate and has seen plenty of driving-in-anger over the years….



This Alfa GTV 2.0 sounded as sweet as it looks. And it’s for sale.



Bruce, who’s photos accompany mine on this entry, brought along his wonderfully clean Porsche 911 Carrera.


And this Porsche 930 parked near Bruce’s car looked the goods, too.


The full European gallery (minus the Jags, below)


The Jaguars

I’ve got a bit of a thing going for old Jaguars at the moment. Dreams of a Mark 2 3.8 with straight pipes keep going through my head. Must be a Wheeler Dealers thing.

Anyway, there were a number of fine examples present at the show, from the aforementioned Mark 2 to up to the XJ and everything in between. Elegance personified.


The Muscle Cars

You’ve already seen some Aussie muscle, above, but there was plenty of American muscle at the show, too. The blue Dodge Challenger was a particular favourite but there were Mustangs a-plenty, too.


The Hot Rods

Hot Rods aren’t my thing, but there were plenty of them there. So for those who are into what are probably the ultimate custom cars, here’s a little gallery for you….


The Others…

Here are some of the other wierd, wonderful and ones that make you wonder 🙂

A Toyota T-18 that’s had plenty of money spent.



An interesting VW Beetle paint job…..


Personally speaking, I’m not into low-riders, but they did look great when they were living the field later in the day. And therein lies the beauty of car shows, getting to see the effort that people make without having to make it yourself.



This is an Auburn-Cord-Deusenberg Speedster replica and a great looking one, at that. You can read more about them here.

A Toyota 700, with a 35hp two-cylinder boxer engine and automatic transmission. Again, not a car that I necessarily find fascinating, but I do find it fascinating that a) they were made in the first place, and b) people keep them going. It’s a wonderful thing.



And finally…..

I took this photo as this model Corolla was very nearly my first car. I looked at one when I was 17 but they wanted a little more money than I could afford. They still look groovy today.


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    1. I saw it. Don’t worry about that! 🙂

      I was there for the beginning of the show and then had to leave to help the guy who was picking up my Fulvia. The GTV came in and drove right past me. Sounded great!

      1. Yeah, one of my absolute favorite Italian cars. Still looks so fresh and agile after all those years…

  1. Love that 128 coupe. Years since I’ve seen one in UK. No doubt the salt on roads in winter contributed to the decimation. AlthoughI don’t think there ever were that many sold here. 🙁

  2. If you ever get the opportunity, do sit in a 206/246 GT Dino. The visibility it allows, from all that glass, is shocking, especially for a mid-engine car.
    Lovely photos, all!

  3. Love the Jags as you do. There is a 1985 XJ6 in British Racing Green with real wire wheels for sale in a driveway along my regular commute. Tempting, but they’re asking much too much for it. My day will come.

    Great photos as always.

    1. The one with the blue stripes on the hood? That’s an XC Ford Falcon Cobra.


      The other white coupe in the Aussie photos with the big wheels is a HQ Holden Monaro.


      1. I’m no expert here, but I get a feeling that the car market in Australia somewhat resembled that in the US over the decades. Big cars, big engines, SUV (or “Ute” as I have seen cars the being called here). Has that changed? I’m thinking about the recent downfall in the car industry down there with plants closing. Has there been a shift towards a more European (or maybe South-East Asian) car market of smaller cars? If so, was that a rapid shift that maybe left the traditional brands (Ford, Holden…) behind in some way?

    1. I tend to be mostly interested in the European stuff, specifically the older European stuff (70’s to 90’s).

      1. I love the old stuff too, but personally I love the Jap stuff.

        I had my car on display (Nissan 300ZX twin turbo), it was the only one there. Didn’t get a very get display spot being in the top right corner with the buses haha.
        Was hoping to come across some pics of it as I need to share some with my sponsor (I forgot my camera).